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Love at First Glance Proposal Venue from -Hanaya-

I am told I write way too much in my blog posts, so I will try to contain myself. I will say though, that I have been working on the Love at First Glance Proposal Venue for several months, so today is life giving birth to a baby — triplets in fact!

-Hanaya- Love at First Glance Proposal Venue [mesh]

-Hanaya- Love at First Glance Proposal Venue [mesh]

The idea with this is that you rez it out in a nice location, and with a few clicks you have a wonderful venue to pop the question to your love. Or if you are a public sim that caters to romance, you might want to offer a wonderful place for proposals for your visitors.

The base module consists of a romantic structure created from a round base with lace panels flowing from a domed cupola medallion. Gothic windows, pineapple finial and an extraordinary crystal chandelier complete the piece.


Love at First Glance contains 6 seamless, synchronized couple animations that can easily be adjusted for each avatar. The menu can be driven by either person, but the one doing the proposing sits first.

a view from above

a view from above

The other cool part of this is that the animations and additional decor elements are rezzed from the base module. So rez as many or few as you wish. The rezzing menu has security, so that the owner can set it up the way they like, and lock the stuff in place. Or set to group.

a visual menu chart to help you

a visual menu chart to help you (click to view on large please)

The -Hanaya- Love at First Glance Proposal Venue is making its debut at the 2016 RFL Home & Garden Expo, and is also on display at our in-world store and on the Second Life Marketplace. Come try the animations (with a friend) and grab a size demo if you like.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


-Hanaya- You + Me = Love NEW RELEASE

Are you planning on spending some alone time with your sweetie pie?
If so, the new release from -Hanaya- You + Me = Love set might be a cute addition for Valentine’s day.

-Hanaya- You + Me = Love

-Hanaya- You + Me = Love [mesh scene with animations]

The complete set is 100% mesh and has a Land Impact of 14 PE. It consists of a texture change Ottoman with animations, a base with a rose petal texture, mesh piles of rose petals, a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket with flutes and 3 heart shaped candles with flame.

Animations sample

There are 10 couple animations, and 2 single ones. Some of the animations ask for permission to attach (a rose and champagne flutes). All props are mesh. You can also click the champagne bucket and the pile of rose petals to get the props even when you are not using the animations.

You and Me is Love Helper HUD

The ottoman has a texture change menu that lets you change the top (upper) and bottom (lower) cushions separately. Just touch the TOP cushion to pop up the menu. Here you can also change who has permission to change the textures.

The colours are:
– Cerise Suede
– Red Hearts
– Red Leather
– Pink Plaid

fabric variations

Now on display at -Hanaya- in-world store and also available for purchase on the Second Life Marketplace. A 50% discount to our VIP group members until Sunday, February 8th.