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New Spring Garden Collection from -Hanaya-

This morning, I woke up to the sound of birds chirping in our garden. Not just any birds, but blackbirds making sounds of spring. So this seems a perfect day to tell you guys about a new product, the –Hanaya- Spring Garden Collection.

-Hanaya- Spring Garden Dining Set

-Hanaya- Spring Garden Dining Set

The collection, brand new for 2015, is 100% mesh and has a low land impact. The Spring Garden Dining Set consists of a glass table, chairs, matching place settings and a vase with carnations. The set is also available as separate components.

-Hanaya- Spring Garden Chairs

-Hanaya- Spring Garden Chairs

The Spring Garden Chairs have 2 types of upholstery, weigh in at a land impact of 2 PE and have 8 menu-driven animations (chat, eat, drink and full tummy for girls and guys). Some of the animations offer attachable mesh props when given permission.

-Hanaya- Spring Garden Glass Table

-Hanaya- Spring Garden Glass Table

We thought that a glass topped table would fit well with the lightness of spring.
The -Hanaya- Spring Garden Glass Table is 2 li, and is sized for 4 avatars to sit at it. It can be scaled down a bit, if you want to use it as a display table.

-Hanaya- Spring Garden Place Settings

-Hanaya- Spring Garden Place Settings

The casual look of the -Hanaya- Spring Garden Place Settings fits in with my idea of breakfast or lunch outside in the garden. If you click the placemat, you and your friends will receive a folder with cutlery and mugs.

-Hanaya- Carnations Texture Change Bouquet

-Hanaya- Carnations Texture Change Bouquet

The collection includes a vase with a trio of carnations in 5 spring colours that match the other components. Simply touch the vase to pop up the texture change menu for a bit of variety.

The -Hanaya- Spring Garden Collection is available on the Second Life Marketplace as well as our in-world store, where it is on display. For members of our store VIP group, the normal 20% discount is applicable when you have the group active.

Happy Spring!



-Hanaya- Budding Forsythia Branches

One of my favourite real life February activities is to prune our forsythia shrubs and bring the branches indoors to bring them to flower. It is a sure sign that spring can’t be far behind.

The -Hanaya- Budding Forsythia Branches are set in a simple vase with a spring-feeling motif. The arrangement is provided at a height of 1.8 meters, with a land impact of only 1 PE. It is mod, copy so you can make it bigger if you wish, but land impact will increase with size.

-Hanaya- Budding Forsythia Branches [mesh]

-Hanaya- Budding Forsythia Branches [mesh]

The arrangmement is available on the Second Life Marketplace, as well as at -Hanaya- in-world store, where it is currently on display. If purchased in-world, it is eligible for our VIP group members discount.

New spring releases from -Hanaya-

Now that spring is almost here, the team from -Hanaya- is happy to bring you
the first pieces of our Spring 2013 collection.

-HanayaMesh- Victorian Obelisk Trellis

 -Hanaya- Victorian Obelisk Trellis

First up is our Victorian Obelisk Trellis, which is suitable for indoors as well as your terrace, patio or garden. The piece is a handcrafted, original mesh created in our workshop and topped with a sculpted finial. The trellis itself is made from wrought iron and finished in a graphite powder coat. The base with its raised panel-work is made of teak, and has a black laquer finish.

The product is provided in several styles and has a land impact of 12.

-Hanaya- A Fine Day Garden Bench Image

-Hanaya- A Fine Day Garden Bench

Next up is a natural teak mesh garden bench * with 6 menu-driven animations for 2 people. It is suitable for both home as well as public spaces, since the animations are PG and are not couple-oriented. Three types of the bench are included in your purchase – the bench itself, as well as models which have the daisies and European Robin embellishments.

Both of these new releases are on display at -Hanaya- in-world store, and are available for purchase there, as well as on the Second Life Marketplace.

* Do you like the bench, but want a different finish? Or do you want couple animations?
  A texture-change couples version of this bench will be available for purchase in the coming days.

Daffodils a la Carte

In my real life neighbourhood, daffodils of many sizes, shapes and colours are blooming like crazy. So is a pot of forced ones on my kitchen table. So it seemed like the right thing on this fine Monday to bring some daffodil sunshine to my Second Life in-world store.

-Hanaya- Daffodils with Robin

Our Daffodils with Robin will add a whimsical touch to any home or garden this time of year. And yes, it is a European Robin, not its North American larger cousin that I most often incorporate into my products.

-Hanaya- A Cup of Daffodils

A little cup stuffed with daffodils is just the thing, in my opinion, for a sunny window sill, kitchen counter, or a protected ledge in your garden. At only 11 prims, perhaps you can scatter a few of them around to bring spring cheer to your surroundings.

-Hanaya- Yellow Daffodils

 For traditionalists, we have yellow daffodils with a more realistic (but primmier) foliage. Freshly snipped in my greenhouse garden and popped into a glass of water for your enjoyment.

All three brand new daffodil releases from -Hanaya- are available for purchase at our in-world store, and soon on the Second Life Marketplace.

I hope you have a bright sunshiny day!