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-Hanaya- Forest Clearing Mailbox with Maildrop

I am pretty happy with the latest release from -Hanaya-. It is a really cute mailbox that will look great in a naturey kind of place. It opens at a touch and reveals stuff inside. But the best part is, that one of the included versions is a fully functioning mailbox with mail drop.
So it doesn’t just look cute – it works!

-Hanaya- Forest Clearing Mailbox with Maildrop

-Hanaya- Forest Clearing Mailbox with Maildrop

The owner menu settings allow you to customize how the mail box works – you can have it email you a notification, you can turn on/off hover text, you can set a thank you message that people get when they leave a mail. And you can even disallow mail drop for those times when you really don’t want any mail XD.

Anyway, the -Hanaya- Forest Clearing Mailbox is now available for purchase at our in-world store, at the RFL Home & Garden Expo, as well as the SL Marketplace.

Have an awesome weekend and keep an eye on our blog for other products in the Forest Clearing Collection.



-Hanaya- Forest Clearing Collection @ RFL Expo

The -Hanaya- team is excited to be participating in the Relay for Life Home & Garden Expo, an event that raises money for the American Cancer Society.

-Hanaya- Forest Clearing Gazebo [mesh]

-Hanaya- Forest Clearing Gazebo [mesh]

Part of the new collection is the Forest Clearing Gazebo – meticulously textured to fit in foresty, naturey environments. Land impact 14 at provided size of 5 x 5 x 6, which is big enough for a human sized table and 4 chairs.

-Hanaya- Forest Clearing Birdbath [mesh]

-Hanaya- Forest Clearing Birdbath [mesh]

The Forest Clearing Birdbath and Standing Vine Lantern are 100% donation items. So please stop by, and buy one of each – it’s a super good cause.

-Hanaya- Forest Clearing Standing Vine Lantern [mesh]

-Hanaya- Forest Clearing Standing Vine Lantern [mesh]

So pop by and visit us at the Expo, take part in some of the great music events, hit the gatchas and have fun!

be greedy with -Hanaya- @ the festival of sin!

Be greedy! Shop!  Shop until you drop!

These words were my inspiration for a brand new interactive creation that I made for the Festival of Sin, which starts tomorrow. Which is fitting, since -Hanaya- is in the Greed section of the sim.

And when I think of shopping (in real life or in Second Life), I most often think of shoes.

Take for example a project management conference I attended in a major North American city a few years ago. I cut the 3 day conference and instead went on a major shoe shopping spree at an outlet for big name designer shoe brands. Think Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo – anyway, I came home that weekend with 12 new pairs of shoes! It was heaven …

-Hanaya- the Greedy Princess and the Pea Shoe bed

A multi-purpose prop to hang out, to use as a prop for bloggers, or as a display for store owners specializing in shoe sales.

The brand new offering from our store is the Greedy Princess and the Shoe bed – an interactive piece that contains 8 animations, which can be used simultaneously by you and a bunch of your shoe shopping friends. And of course, after a hard day’s shopping, you can climb the ladder and relax in the shoe bed.

If you decide to use this piece in your shoe store, simply rez one of your own shoes for a decoration instead of ours, and have your store models use the animations to model your latest creations. The mesh block letters are separate for those of you that prefer not to have mesh.

-Hanaya- All Shopped Out Mesh Shopping Cart

Going along on the shopping theme, our All Shoped Out Mesh Shopping Cart includes a static pose, as well as 2 animations. The cart is mod, so customize and slap on your own logo or image if you like. Please note the avatar sitting in the product photo is not included – that is me showing off one of the animations for you :p

Another bit of meshy goodness is a gift waiting for visitors to the -Hanaya- storefront at the Festival of Sin. Find us close to the central landing point in the Greed section of the event.

The event opens on Saturday, February 18th at 5 PM SLT, and continues until March 3, 2012.

A slurl will be posted here when the event opens.