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Fashion and stuff – Vintage Fair Preview

Ok, I hardly ever blog fashion, even though I am a major shopaholic. My thing is usually to buy to-die-for stuff, make an outfit and then wear it for a whole week at a time. It gets busy – you know?

But I could not resist having a fly around the 2 sims that make up the Vintage Fair, just to see what was around. And let me tell you .. there is absolute awesomeness.

I had to pick up a few things – just cause I could not help myself. And you won’t be able to either – trust me!

Image 1 (see below for shopping list with SLURL to shops at Vintage Fair)

First, I am totally and passionately in lovelust with the hair from the Alice Project – pictured in all three pics in this blog post. The hair is mesh (so you need a viewer that supports mesh), and it is to die for. It has a ton of colour and streak options and it falls so graciously on your shoulders and of course, moves with you when you move. Love love love!

The skin in the image above is Curio’s Vintage-Ritz Petal in dark. I could not resist slapping on my fave beauty mark, some lip gloss and eyeshadow. I love the pinky blush and overall skin tone on this.

A slinky little dress with an awesome back from Piddidle also caught my eye. Normally, I stay away from tight short dresses and skirts (unless they are mesh), but this little dress is yummy. In the close-up above, you can see the lovely Antiquarian Necklace, bracelet and earrings in Absinthe colour from Amorous. It is available in other gorgeous colours like Teal (earrings pictured below), as well as Chianti, Midnight and Caramel.

Image 2 (see below for shopping list with SLURL to shops at Vintage Fair)

Then there is the Mccullough Fur Jacket from Bliss. Yumm! No, it is not mesh, but it is scrumptiously furry, soft and wonderful. Other colours are also available and believe me, you will want them all. I know I do, I am so greedy.

Although I love the leggings that came with the Mccullough Fur Jacket, I adore the green nylon tights with back seams and vintage undies from d.Select. I need all the other colours too – back to the fair! The look is completed by Jodphurs boots from MdC, which is a new shop to me. I will be checking it out, they have some lovely riding outfits at the fair, and more boots that looked interesting.

In the pic below, you can see the back of the Piddidle Loveliest Lace Mini dress, along with a round poof with vintage poses from Di’s Opera. Also in the pic are some bits from the -Hanaya- TV Room Set – my own new release for the Vintage fair, and a wonderful (and low prim) gramophone from Scrub.  It comes with 6 records and plays awesome nostalgic music – I had it blaring the whole time I was doing this post.

Image 3

So please take some time to get over to the Vintage Fair and indulge your senses and enrich your closet ^.^ Please note that after November 18th you will be able to teleport directly to the slurls in the shopping list.

SHOPPING LIST with SLURLS to shops at Vintage Fair 2011
NOTE: Items in images that are in italics were purchased some time ago and may no longer be available.

Image 1

Hair: *Alice Project* Rosemary – Naturals Lite with Faux Bangs (MESH!)
Skin: :Curio: Vintage-Ritz Petal [Dark]
Dress: PIDIDDLE – Loveliest Lace Mini – Tarnished
Jewellery: :Amorous: Antiquarian Absinthe Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings
Nana’s Favourite Chair

Shoes: [LeLutka]-MISCHA/Thrown
Make-up, Lashes, Nails:
L.Fauna Beautymark – Crawford
[mock]Blackest Night Shadow
[mock] Mizu Venetian Red LipGloss
Miamai_XGen Lashes_Lust

Image 2

Hair:*Alice Project* Annette – Naturals Lite (MESH!)
!Bliss Fur! Mccullough Fur Jacket/Lace Shorts
d. Select green nylon tights
Boots: MdC~jodphurs boots~
Jewellery: :Amorous: Antiquarian Teal Necklace and Earrings
-Hanaya- New York Bus Stop Lamp Post & Bench (1L GIFT)

Skin: Al Vulo! – Vero* natural peach
Make-up, Lashes, Nails:
[mock] Mizu Venetian Red LipGloss
[mock]Blackest Night Shadow
Miamai_XGen Lashes_Lust

Image 3

Same outfit as in Image 1 PLUS
Scrub Gramophone
Di’s Opera Vintage Sit
-Hanaya- Vintage Chair + Pedestal Table with Ivy (from Nana’s TV Room Set)
-Hanaya- Wrought Iron Sculpted Chandelier

Enjoy the shopping!