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-Hanaya- Donation Items for Fantasy Faire 2016

Fantasy Faire 2016 is open! Come visits us at Bright Haven and check out the -Hanaya- 100% donation items that benefit Relay for Life.

-Hanaya- Magical Second Life Scroll [mesh]

-Hanaya- Magical Second Life Scroll [mesh]

-Hanaya- Forest Clearing Vine Lantern Set [mesh]

-Hanaya- Forest Clearing Vine Lantern Set [mesh]

-Hanaya- Fantasy Hanging Basket [mesh]

-Hanaya- Fantasy Hanging Basket [mesh]

Enjoy your weekend and your visit to the Fairegrounds xo


NEW -Hanaya- Ball Topiary Sets for Relay for Life

-Hanaya- is participating in the 2015 Second Life Christmas Expo, a fund raising event for the American Cancer Society. The event runs December 3 – 14, 2015. Along with the 2 exclusive new items only available at the Expo, we have a ton of other cute wintery and festive items there. And part (or all) of every purchase is donated to ACS:

-Hanaya- Frozen Ball Topiary Set

-Hanaya- Frozen Ball Topiary Set

The set includes four shape styles, and each style is provided in foliage only, with lights and with lights and bows. The lit versions can be turned on and off with a click. Use them alone or in pairs to frame a fireplace or front entrance. Or group them for extra impact. Land impact varies from 5 – 9 PE.

-Hanaya- Ball Topiary Set [mesh]

-Hanaya- Ball Topiary Set

Ball topiary is a style of grafting and pruning that was made popular in formal Victorian gardens. Made from boxwood, the leaves are a deep green colour and contrast well with the antique crackled finish of the octagon-shaped planters.


Lessons Learned @ Home and Garden Expo

As some of you know I was planning to be in this year’s Second Life Home and Garden Expo.

And I was really looking forward to it too. Not just because I like making the kind of things that will be on sale there, but also because it benefits a cause that I am passionate about, since I am a cancer survivor.

To make it short; I won’t be there.

Here’s why:

I had bought some full perm mesh farm animals from a store called Just Animals on the Second Life Marketplace and I had used them in a product which was to be part of the Gatcha @ Expo program to benefit Relay for Life. It turns out that it is possible that the original source of these full perm meshes may be a service called Turbosquid, where full perm meshes are sold for dollars.

The first I heard of Turbosquid, is when a coalesced object of more than 1300 prims was returned to my Lost and Found folder, immediately followed by being ejected and banned from the Expo sims without notice.

I was really upset – who wouldn’t be. But after a sleepless night, I am trying to look on the positive side of this thing. And these are the important points to me arising from the mess.

  1. I am glad that the organizers of the Expo are diligent about potential IP theft. I wish more event organizers were as thorough.
  2. I will be very cautious if I buy full perm meshes on the Second Life Marketplace or at any in-world store.
  3. And last, and most important to me, is that I will buckle down and devote time to learning 3D modelling properly. It’s long overdue.

So I will be taking time off from -Hanaya- to go back to 3D modelling school.

Building in-world and using mesh exporting tools like I have been doing is just not good enough.

So …

The -Hanaya- Subscribe-o-matic group and in-world store groups will be closed at the end of September.  I will be scaling down the in-world store in the next few weeks – likely turn it into a little park with only a handfull of my products that I am really proud of.

-Hanaya- Home and Garden Expo

I took this snap of my store at Home Expo 6 before my stuff got returned.
It was pretty 🙁