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NEW Original Mesh Horse Barns from -Hanaya-

Welcome to a sneak peek at our brand new 100% original mesh creation – a series of horse barns, which will be available for sale Friday, September 14th.

Our passion for quality and love for horses shows in the details of these barns – smooth edges that prevent scrapes. Entrance gates which swing open at a touch and high quality, easy-to-clean stone flooring.All 5 of our brand new barns are super low prim and feature custom textures and horse decals that make these barns unique.

Super low prim you ask? Yes – only 9 LI or 9 prims in total. Including barn, gates and lantern.

Miniatures of all models are on display at our in-world store.
Please set your viewer LOD to a minimum of 4.0.

-HanayaMesh- Muskoka Horse Barn

The Muskoka Horse Barn was created for my friend Fiona to blend into her landscape on Long Island Sound. Built from two-tone bleached birch and topped with a dark clay roof, the muted tones are a good neutral colour choice for many landscapes.

 -HanayaMesh- El Paso Horse Barn

Texas – Horse Country USA.
Home of the desert sun and horses, horses, horses. Did you know that Texas has the largest number of horses in the entire US?

Our El Paso Horse Barn is brick and stucco on the outside with wood paneling inside. Just right for your prized Quarter Horses, Thoroughbreds, Paints, Arabians and Appaloosas.

-HanayaMesh- Småland Horse Barn

Inspired by last year’s vacation to Sweden, the Småland version of the barn is built from rough cut timber painted a cheery red. The clay tiles of the roof work well with the faded white wood beam infrastructure.

-HanayaMesh- St. Lawrence Horse Barn

Since the Thousand Islands region of the St. Lawrence Seaway is near and dear to my heart, we bring you a barn built from reclaimed mossy cedar planks reminiscent of my family’s old cottage. Topped with a red clay roof and contrasting beam work, this barn will look lovely in any northern setting, especially in the autumn.

 -HanayaMesh- St. Gotthard Horse Barn

Named after St. Gotthard Pass, a wonderland of perpetual snow in the Swiss Alps.

Although our last trip through the pass was in a car last May, stories are told of sturdy horses carrying merchants crossing over the old cobbled pass from Italy into Switzerland and resting at a way point near the top of the pass.

All five variants of our Horse Barn will be available for sale at our in-world store and on the Second Life Marketplace on Friday, September 14th.  Demo available.