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Flowers, garden hoses & safe clean drinking water

One of the pleasures of growing spring bulbs and perennials is being able to go out on a dewy morning and cut flowers to decorate the inside of your home. The -Hanaya- Vintage Garden Trug with Flowers is loaded with yummy sculpted tulips, daisies and foliage. I created the sculpt map for the trug based on my fave real life one, so careful of the splinters! The product is copy/mod, and includes an empty version, as well as an embellished version with a delicate butterfly and bow.

The next new product is one that some of you have been patiently waiting for — the -Hanaya- Copper Faucets with Garden Hose & Buckets. It has taken a bit of time to get this set just right – I pride myself on the realism of my products and the hose was tricky to make. The set includes two versions of the bucket, a standing faucet, a wall mount faucet, a wrought iron garden hose holder with birds, and a sprayer nozzle. Click on the wall-mount faucet to enable water drips 🙂  Again, the set is mod/copy. A separate ‘assemble-it-yourself’ hose kit add-on will be released in the near future.

The Water Project:

If you have been to our inworld shop lately, you may have seen the donation box for the Water Project, a global fundraising effort to provide access to clean drinking water to those less fortunate.

-Hanaya- is participating in The Little Big Shop Fair, which will bring together Second Life stores, artists and the Second Life community to raise money for the Water Project, as well as to encourage designers to share their talents, network, and become both mentors and learners in a collaborative community. The fair will take place from April 15th to May 15th, 2011.