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-Hanaya- and the World Tour 2014 Gridwide Hunt

This coming Friday will bring the start of the World Tour 2014 Gridwide Hunt. Organized by Spooky Mistwallow and her able team, this year’s hunt concept from Kastle Rock Hunts is a really fun one.

Imagine visiting 7 continents and scooping up awesome themed hunt gifts along the way. Using a custom-made hunt HUD, hunters will be able to start at a continent of their choice and keep track of which ones they have visited.

Since -Hanaya- is a Japanese flower shop, you will find us on the Asian continent.

-Hanaya- Hokura Shinto Shrine for hunt

-Hanaya- Hokura Shinto Shrine

Our hunt gift is a 100% original mesh shrine set on a kidney shaped grassy base, shaded by a cluster of bamboo and rocks. Two versions to offer a reduced Land Impact are offered as part of the gift.

The World Tour 2014 Gridwide hunt takes place February 14 – March 31, 2014.

Our hunt hint is:

A garden full of daffodils

So come and visit -Hanaya-, wander in our garden and forest, and hunt for the Hokura Shinto Shrine. Safe travels!