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NEW -Hanaya- Season Change Windswept Bonsai

After submerging in the world of sci-fi and pathfinding robots for the Cinema event, it seemed to me that it was time to work on something peaceful and zen-like.

Some of you guys, who follow my Flickr stream, may know that my partner Yuukie and I recently moved our SL home to the Sailor’s Cove Sims, an area adjacent to the Blake Sea. One of my first custom orders was for Yuukie – to build mesh outdoor shelving for her bonsai collection, which will be housed outside on our terrace year-around. Here is a pic …

please click image for close-up

While working on the shelving, I thought a nice feature for deciduous bonsai would be the ability to change seasons via a menu.

That is how our newest product, the -Hanaya- Windswept Bonsai (Season Change) came about. Without hesistation, I chose the Shakan style of bonsai, as that is one of my favourite forms. More info on bonsai forms can be found here.

The construction of the root structure, trunk and branches was a slow picky process – one of the things I love about creating in Second Life. Once the tree had its form, the work to create foliage, and to plant the bonsai in a pot appropriate to its shape and size was quick work.  More fun followed in devising combinations for the 5 seasonal looks.

-Hanaya- Windswept Bonsai (Season Change)

A single click of the bonsai brings up a simple-to-use menu, which lets you change between 5 seasonal themes:

  • spring
  • summer
  • autumn 1
  • autumn 2
  • winter

The menu contains access control, so you can set it to either owner-only, to public access, or limit it to specific avatars.

The bonsai is packaged with 5 matching original mesh display tables. Combined with the bonsai, the Land Impact (including the optional table and ground shadows) is 12 LI.

-Hanaya- Windswept Bonsai (Anniversary Edition)

And since -Hanaya- celebrates it’s second anniversary in a few days, a single season Anniversary edition of the new bonsai will be the November group gift for VIP members of the -Hanaya- Yummy Collectibles in-world group. The gift will be sent out, as usual, on the group on the 1st of the month, and will remain available in the Customer Service area of -Hanaya- in-world for the month of November 2012.

The -Hanaya- Windswept Bonsai (Season Change) is now available for purchase at our in-world store, where it is on display so you can play with it before you purchase.

Too lazy to leave home to shop? Not to worry, our latest release is also available on the Second Life Marketplace.

“ROBOPET, the path to friendship – Part 1”

Ichi-Sensei. He was the first among them. The wise one.

Their mission? Find populated worlds in trouble and help by making friends and sharing knowledge. And Earth needed help, fast.

-Hanaya- pathfinding robots, coming to a Cinema near you on October 13, 2012.

-Hanaya- Ichi-sensei ROBOPET

Our cute little robopets are programmed to speak to you in robosounds – 9 of them. And when you click them to activate their pathfinding function, they will zip around following your land terrain or ‘walkable’ prim surface.

Want to see them in action? Stop by Earth -Hanaya- in-world store to see them do their thing.

The fabulous Cinema event starts on October 13, 2012.
Prepare to be entertained.

Birdbaths – sing a sweet song to spring

As I was putting the finishing spring touches to our sim, I came across one of my fave old bird baths from summer 2007. It holds many memories, and is still kind of pretty, but I felt like something new this year.

So here are 2 new birdbaths from -Hanaya-. One for a casual garden or forest clearing look, and the other a bit more formal for those of you that are into that style.

-Hanaya- Driftwood Birdbath

A sparrow perches on the cast concrete of the birdbath, which is cradled by 3 branches of an old driftwood log. A bit of ivy embellishes the log and adds only a few prims to the piece. Gently rippling animated water surface adds realism.

-Hanaya- Stone Birdbath

A traditional pedestal bird bath with water surface ripples spreading out in a pattern from the spot where the sparrow drinks. Only 8 prims, in fact 6 if you remove the 2 prim shadow at the base of the column.

Both birdbaths are, as always, copy/mod for your convenience, so you can adjust as needed. Or remove our birds, if you have your own that you wish to utilize instead. We won’t mind 🙂

The birdbaths are currently rezzed out on the grounds of our in-world store, and are available for purchase in the New Products area of our store, directly inside the front entrance.

A   W O R D   O F   C A U T I O N   A B O U T   T H E   S L   M A R K E T P L A C E

Since the roll out of Direct Delivery on March 21st, the Second Life Marketplace continues to experience severe issues. These range from slowness, to failed deliveries, to customers receiving the wrong goods, customers paying but merchants not receiving the funds, and mixed up listing images/products and pricing. As one reporter on the JIRA said, shopping on the Marketplace right now, is like playing a Gatcha! You have no idea what you will receive.

It is my personal recommendation to my customers that they shop in-world for our products until the Second Life Marketplace issues are resolved and the platform is stabilized. If you are unable to teleport,  or wish to purchase an item as a gift, please do not hesitate to contact me – I am most happy to help you to avoid issues with the Marketplace.

If you would like more specific information about the issues, please contact me for a list of JIRAs that touch on this topic.

Please note, therefore, that the new releases in this post will not be available on the Second Life Marketplace until further notice.

Thank you for your continued support, and have a great weekend.

Daffodils a la Carte

In my real life neighbourhood, daffodils of many sizes, shapes and colours are blooming like crazy. So is a pot of forced ones on my kitchen table. So it seemed like the right thing on this fine Monday to bring some daffodil sunshine to my Second Life in-world store.

-Hanaya- Daffodils with Robin

Our Daffodils with Robin will add a whimsical touch to any home or garden this time of year. And yes, it is a European Robin, not its North American larger cousin that I most often incorporate into my products.

-Hanaya- A Cup of Daffodils

A little cup stuffed with daffodils is just the thing, in my opinion, for a sunny window sill, kitchen counter, or a protected ledge in your garden. At only 11 prims, perhaps you can scatter a few of them around to bring spring cheer to your surroundings.

-Hanaya- Yellow Daffodils

 For traditionalists, we have yellow daffodils with a more realistic (but primmier) foliage. Freshly snipped in my greenhouse garden and popped into a glass of water for your enjoyment.

All three brand new daffodil releases from -Hanaya- are available for purchase at our in-world store, and soon on the Second Life Marketplace.

I hope you have a bright sunshiny day!

be greedy with -Hanaya- @ the festival of sin!

Be greedy! Shop!  Shop until you drop!

These words were my inspiration for a brand new interactive creation that I made for the Festival of Sin, which starts tomorrow. Which is fitting, since -Hanaya- is in the Greed section of the sim.

And when I think of shopping (in real life or in Second Life), I most often think of shoes.

Take for example a project management conference I attended in a major North American city a few years ago. I cut the 3 day conference and instead went on a major shoe shopping spree at an outlet for big name designer shoe brands. Think Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo – anyway, I came home that weekend with 12 new pairs of shoes! It was heaven …

-Hanaya- the Greedy Princess and the Pea Shoe bed

A multi-purpose prop to hang out, to use as a prop for bloggers, or as a display for store owners specializing in shoe sales.

The brand new offering from our store is the Greedy Princess and the Shoe bed – an interactive piece that contains 8 animations, which can be used simultaneously by you and a bunch of your shoe shopping friends. And of course, after a hard day’s shopping, you can climb the ladder and relax in the shoe bed.

If you decide to use this piece in your shoe store, simply rez one of your own shoes for a decoration instead of ours, and have your store models use the animations to model your latest creations. The mesh block letters are separate for those of you that prefer not to have mesh.

-Hanaya- All Shopped Out Mesh Shopping Cart

Going along on the shopping theme, our All Shoped Out Mesh Shopping Cart includes a static pose, as well as 2 animations. The cart is mod, so customize and slap on your own logo or image if you like. Please note the avatar sitting in the product photo is not included – that is me showing off one of the animations for you :p

Another bit of meshy goodness is a gift waiting for visitors to the -Hanaya- storefront at the Festival of Sin. Find us close to the central landing point in the Greed section of the event.

The event opens on Saturday, February 18th at 5 PM SLT, and continues until March 3, 2012.

A slurl will be posted here when the event opens.

With Love, Again hunt

-Hanaya- Yummy Collectibles is excited to be part of the With Love, Again Hunt, organized by Keira Seerose of CHIC Management SL. The idea behind this hunt is that it is a way to say thank you to our customers who have supported us throughout the year. Each of the 100 participating stores have hidden a hunt gift, which  is 10L. The gifts have a stated value of no less than 400 L. What a great way to say thank you.

Our gift is a snow and icicle covered greenhouse, complete with a log burning stove and benches for all your pampered plants. And yes, they are sculpted icicles, not flat texture prims 🙂

 -Hanaya- Canadian Cedar Greehouse (Winter)

The hunt starts today and runs until January 6, 2012.
We are store number 92, and our hint is:

Look for a place where even queens, presidents and the Dalai Lama go alone.

The greenhouse is on display at our store, so you can see it before you grab it. Have fun hunting!

POE Hunt Gift: In the Land of the Winter Moon

-Hanaya- Yummy Collectibles is participating in the 4th annual Peace on Earth grid-wide hunt, which starts in just a few short hours. Our hunt gift is the -Hanaya- In the Land of the Winter Moon playset (image below), created especially for this hunt.

The set includes a custom-made igloo built from snow in my own SL backyard, a cozy quilt with piles of cushy pillows and an ice bucket with drinkable wine.  The quilt and pillows have 6 PG animations for couples, which are synchronized to work in pairs.

Peek inside the igloo and click on the wine bucket, to be given a folder with wine glasses. Wear the wineglass for the ‘A Toast’ animation, or any other time you want to sip on some white wine.

For outside fun, wander outside and find the snow angel animation in the frozen tundra grass and and get a smile on your face from the happy tree. The scene is lit by a glowing golden moon.

-Hanaya- In the Land of the Winter Moon (Hunt Edition)

Our store is number 79 in an amazing line-up of cool stores that are participating this year. The hint to help you find the hunt gift in our store is:

‘New things are ever so nice.’

So please stop by our in-world store, hunt and if you have time, check out some of the new Christmassy and winter items on display in the New Releases area 😉 You will be glad you did ^.^

St. Lawrence Stone Gazebo (Winter)

Winter has arrived at the store and overnight, our gazebo has acquired a new white snowy hat. Currently on display the -Hanaya- inworld store, the winter version of the St. Lawrence Stone Gazebo is charmingly clad in caps of snow on the roof top. Snow drifts across the floor and icicles hang from the eavestroughs and timbers.

-Hanaya- St. Lawrence Stone Gazebo (Winter)

The winter version of the gazebo is now available for purchase at -Hanaya- inworld, as well as on the Second Life Marketplace.

The winter landscaping of the store grounds is almost complete as well, so we hope you stop by and enjoy the scenery.

-Hanaya- Christmas Gift Basket

The Christmas shopping and gift giving season is almost upon us and -Hanaya- has a new release that may be the answer to some of the gifts you plan to purchase for friends and loved ones this year.

Our Christmas Gift Basket is stuffed full of goodies like breads, cheese, salami and melon. A bottle of red wine with silver goblets and some home-baked gingerbreads complete the meal. And since we are a flower shop, I also tucked in a poinsettia plant potted up in a terracotta container. And a paring knife to cut the cheese 😉

-Hanaya- Christmas Gift Basket

What I like most about our new Christmas Gift Basket, is that the recipient does not have to rez it in-world if they do not have any prims. You simply wear it and the built-in ‘holding basket’ pose is activated. And you want to know the coolest part? When you rez or wear the basket, it is closed. Then you click it, and it opens and all the lovely goodies are revealed 🙂

Please note that the permissions on this item are transfer, modify, no copy (unlike our usual practice). This will enable you to purchase it and then transfer it to whomever you wish. If you would prefer a mod/copy/no transfer version, please contact me in-world.

The -Hanaya- Christmas Gift Basket is now available for purchase at our in-world store, as well as on the Second Life Marketplace.

And speaking of gift giving, starting on December 1st, a selection of our products will be available with transfer permissions at our in-world store, and will be packaged up in seasonal gift wrap.

New Release: a snowy bark + driftwood deer

Today was the first morning that we had a hard frost in our garden, so I got inspired to start on a new collection of nature-y, woodsy stuff that has been rattling around in my head. I am a major nature nut, so I guess that kind of makes sense, right?

Called after one of my fave canoe-in camping lakes in Eastern Ontario, the Pine Lake Collection will consist of organic materials and shapes, and will include the kind of stuff that you see in cottage country or at a ski chalet in the Gatineau Hills. That’s in Canada for you non-Canadians ^.^

-Hanaya- Bark + Driftwood Deer (Snowy)

This charming little deer is crafted from sculpty bark-covered logs and pieces of bleached driftwood. It is mod/copy, so if you wish to remove the snow at a later date, you can do so.

Currently on display in the new releases area of our in-world store, it is available for purchase there, as well as the at our web store on the Second Life Marketplace.

More pieces of the Pine Lake Collection are in the works, so please stay tuned 🙂