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-Hanaya- says it’s almost spring!

  1. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, you might be tired of the grey blahs of winter. So our in-world store has magically turned to spring. And new -Hanaya- spring products are popping up out of the ground every day.

-Hanaya- Spring Has Sprung Basket

-Hanaya- Spring Has Sprung Basket [mesh]

First, a group gift for our sweet -Hanaya- VIP Group customers and friends. Being sent out on the group today, so grab it from notices if you missed your delivery. Or better yet, stop by our in-world store to see other new stuff for spring.

And not forgetting Valentine’s Day, we have a free gift for anyone who pops by, and of course for our Subscribe-O friends.

-Hanaya- Love 2016 Set FREE GIFT

-Hanaya- Love 2016 Set FREE GIFT

Hugs and have a great weekend! It’s almost here 🙂

Happy Independence Day from -Hanaya-

Just a very quick post to wish everyone a very happy 4th of July.
I hope that you are all enjoying a wonderful summer, staying safe and having fun.

To help with some fun in SL, we have a brand new release – floating party tube and bar just right for your Independence Day party which seats 5.

-Hanaya- Americana Floating Party Tube Set

-Hanaya- Americana Floating Party Tube Set

The set consists of a floating party tube with seating for 1 couple and 3 single avatars at the same time, and a floating bar, which gives beer, wine and assorted cocktails (a total of 9 mesh drinks), which auto-attach on permission. A total of 35 animations (not static poses) is included.

-Hanaya- Americana Floating Bar

-Hanaya- Americana Floating Bar

The product is available on the Second Life Marketplace, and the Floating Bar is also the current group gift for our VIP group. The gift has been sent out on the group (check notices), and is also available in the customer service area of our in-world store. Please activate your group tag and simply click the group gift vendor.

Summery Gift from -Hanaya-

It’s my birthday tomorrow, so to celebrate the -Hanaya VIP group is free to join this weekend, and there is a cute gift available to all.

Inntertubes and Floaties 2048

Are there benefits to use up a group slot you ask? There is normally a really cute gift at the beginning of each month, as well as a discount on purchases at -Hanaya- in-world store. This month’s gift are arm floaties and innertubes for all your summer fun.

-Hanaya- Arm Floaties [mesh]

-Hanaya- Arm Floaties [mesh]

The Arm Floaties are a wearable mesh accessory that include an upright floating animation, which are also scripted to support you in Linden water to keep your head and shoulders out of the water – like they do in real life. And they include a removable re-sizer to ensure a good fit.

-Hanaya- Innertubes for Singles + Couples

-Hanaya- Innertubes for Singles + Couples [mesh]

There are innertubes for single avatars, as well as for a couple. And they are provided in 3 scripted versions. One is for prim water, and two are for LINDEN water. Drop them out of your inventory onto Linden water and they will bob up or sink down and find their own perfect height in the water. Then hop on and either drift gently with the wind, or rotate a little bit in place.

In-world VIP group joiner free august

So join the group and either grab the gift from group notices, or visit us in-world and get it. Please make sure you activate your group first!

And have a fun summer weekend!

-Hanaya- February Group Gift

A Valentine’s inspired group gift is now out at -Hanaya-.

Create some romance with our Call Me Sweetheart Couch and Chair the shiny white lacquer finish of the set is enhanced by a nubby linen upholstery fabric in hues of pink, peach and lavender. Pink roses, babies breath and ivy embellish the vintage frame, adding an old-world romantic feel.

The set includes 16 menu-driven animations (12 in the 3-seater couch, and 4 in the chair), so no icky pose balls. And the furniture is copy, modify – like most our products, so rez as many as you wish and modify textures or size as needed. Don’t want the floor shadow?
Make it 100% transparent.

-Hanaya- Call Me Sweetheart Set

-Hanaya- Call Me Sweetheart Set GROUP GIFT

The gift was sent out on the -Hanaya- Yummy Collectibles in-world group today (12 February 2013). If you missed yours, either get it from group notices or stop by our in-world store. The gift will remain available to group members in the Customer Service area until the end of February.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

NEW Mesh Pathfinding Ghosts from -Hanaya-

With the new pathfinding feature recently introduced by Linden Lab, we could not resist to bring you some spooky ghosts that will follow your land terrain
or ‘walkable’ prim surface, navigating around in a realistic manner.

-Hanaya- Spooky Pathfinding Ghosts

The ghosts are packaged in a one-prim rezzer, disguised as a patch of fallen leaves. When clicked to activate, the slightly glowy ghosts will be rezzed in random locations within a 5 meter radius, and then freely navigate in a 314 meter² area following your terrain or ‘walkable’ prim surface. The ghosts are temp (usually last about a minute), have psychedelic colour-cycle eyes, and a new one is rezzed out every 45 seconds.

Please note:
Pathfinding is on by default on all mainland sims. In private estates, it can be switched on/off in the Estate Tools, for which EM is needed.

So stop by our in-world store to see the -Hanaya- Spooky Pathfinding Ghosts in action during the month of October. Watch out though! Some of them may follow you into the store.

Available for purchase at the store as well as on the Second Life Marketplace effective today.

-Hanaya- Spooky Ghost

A trick-or-treat gift for members of the -Hanaya- Yummy Collectibles in-world group is a single stationary Spooky Ghost. Once rezzed out, the ghost will randomly appear and disappear in the same location, emitting gently spooky sounds. A wearable, non-rigged mesh with a full-body alpha is also included.

The gift was sent out on the group today, and will  remain available to group members to the end of October at -Hanaya- in-world store.

May News + Group Gift from -Hanaya-

It has been absolutely ages since I have blogged! And no, it does not mean that there is nothing new.

One of the reasons for being quiet is that I have been learning some new techniques in 3-D modeling. And after careful consideration, my team and I have decided to limit our use of meshes made by other creators in -Hanaya- products. Instead, we hope to continue to bring you meticulously crafted and textured  creations (made from prims, sculpts and original meshes) that are not available elsewhere.

And speaking of sculpties …

-Hanaya- Welcome Sign (Daisies with Robin)

The group gift for our VIP Customer group, -Hanaya- Yummy Collectibles, was sent out today.

It is a summery welcome sign embellished with sculpted daisies and hand-drawn textures. The sign is mod/copy, and comes in 2 sizes – a standard avatar size and sized for petites.

If you missed the group inventory offer, the gift will remain available, as always, in the customer information area of our in-world store for the month of May. For those of you not part of our VIP group – I invite you to join us. The one time group-join fee is 250 Lindens.

U P C O M I N G   E V E N T S

  • Culture Shock
    Look for us on Purple Street, starting on Friday, May 4th.
    All products for Culture Shock from -Hanaya- are brand new and are either 100% mesh, or combination of mesh/sculpts.
  • Home & Garden Expo
    More awesome original meshes from -Hanaya- for your home, business and outdoor spaces.
    Look for us on Home Expo 14 starting on May 19th.
  • Keep Calm and Keep Shopping Event
    The event, which starts May 14th, guarantees each participating merchant will be selling a brand new, not-to-be-sold-again product, which will be created specifically for the event.

More information and images of products for these events are coming up. Have a great day!


NEW! -Hanaya- Traditional Christmas Trees

It is December, one of my favourite months of the year. So let me talk about Christmas trees, since the primary reason for this post is just that. A brand new release from -Hanaya- to add to the thousands of pixel trees out there on the grid. But I happen to think this one is just a little bit special. Want to know why?

First, the new -Hanaya- Traditional Christmas Tree comes in 3 sizes to fit into most homes. And the best part is that those of you who are in the -Hanaya- Yummy Collectibles in-world group get the littlest one as this month’s group gift. Woo!

Second, all three sizes of the tree come in 2 rez options – normal rez that takes up lots of prims, and a temp rezzer version with a custom-written, low lag script, which only uses 1 prim on your parcel.

So, to describe the trees – they are sculpted pine trees with gorgeous glass ornaments of many shapes and colours. I also made a string of flashing lights and some garlands, and topped the whole thing with a shiny blown glass tree top. The tree sits in a wood tree stand and has a built-in shadow. All three sizes include a ‘Trim the Tree’ animation and give you and your friends or customers a box of ornaments to wear. A bare tree in a tree stand is also included in all three sizes, in case you want to hold off putting out the decorated one until it is closer to Christmas – like me.

 -Hanaya- Traditional Christmas Tree

The largest of the trees (image above) is 5.5 meters and includes a separate ladder with the ‘Trim the Tree’ animation and ornament box giver, so that you can get ornaments on the upper part of the tree. The Traditional Christmas Tree also has more ornaments like lighted candles and pewter bird ornaments, which are not included in the small version or the group gift version. That is me and our store tweeny Hana posing for the vendor pic 🙂

-Hanaya- Small Traditional Christmas Tree

The small version of our Traditional Christmas Tree is 4.5 meters high – sure to fit a standard-sized SL home, which usually have ceilings that are at least 5 meters high. The ornament giver and ‘Trim the Tree’ animation are included.

-Hanaya- December 2011 In-World Group Gift

The littlest of our traditional Christmas trees is 3 meters high, and is our gift to our customers that are part of the -Hanaya- Yummy Collectibles in-world group. The tree includes the ‘Trim the Tree’ animation and gives the ornament box like the 2 ‘for purchase’ versions.

-Hanaya- December 2011 Subscribo Gift

The box of Christmas decorations which can be used to trim the Traditional Christmas Tree is a gift to our customers who are part of the -Hanaya- Subscribe-O-Matic Newsgroup.

We hope that you will find room in your Second Life home for one of our Traditional Christmas Trees – one will be on display in our in-world store during the month of December. Or if you are feeling stressed and lazy, the purchase versions will be available on the Second Life Marketplace in the next few days.