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Unhinged, a festival for Eku’s head

As a cancer survivor, I could get all serious and drag out sad stuff. But I won’t.

Because Unhinged, a festival to raise funds for … you know, Eku’s head …  is not about being sad. It is about friendship, helping, being positive, and taking control by doing something. And feeling really great as a result.

I do hope that you, dear faithful reader, will read the wonderful words that explain what Unhinged is all about on the official web site for the event, written by Nephilaine Protagonist.

Now to the fun part.

First, there will be awesome music and fun festivities all weekend during the event’s opening. Be there!

Second, I am thrilled that -Hanaya- is taking part. To tempt you to part with your Lindens for this wonderful cause, we have created some new fun wearables. We will have 2 GATCHAs at the festival – Plants in the Pants and Stuff in the Pants.

-Hanaya- Unhinged Festival Poster – 12 TRANSFERRABLE GATCHAS

Both types of the wearables attach to the ‘root’ attachment point, so you can have them accompany you as you walk around, dance, sit or whatever you do during your day. If you like, you can also rez them, but careful! Some are a bit primmy.

The Stuff in the Pants GATCHA includes the following:

  • Jungle Book
  • TV + Music Nut
  • Birdbath
  • Sail Away
  • Gift Basket
  • Christmas Tree (this is the RARE item)

-Hanaya- Stuff in the Pants TRANSFERRABLE GATCHA

The Plants in the Pants GATCHA includes the following:

  • Lillies with Panda
  • Daisies with Bird + Nest
  • Hibiscus with Budgie
  • Strelitzia with Tiki
  • Lillies, Orchids + Swan
  • Roses with Heart (this is the RARE item)

As always, all of our GATCHA items are transfer so you can share with friends.

So please plan to visit the Unhinged festival sometime between
November 15 – December 15, 2012 at a soon to be revealed location.

Big hugs,