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Four Walls & Four Pines for Four Seasons from -Hanaya-

We are really excited to be part of theĀ Four Walls Hunt – a hunt all about home and garden stuff. Founded by Valena Vacano of Casa de Smurf, hunters can expect to find lots of lovely things from well-known brands, as well as lesser known ones.

-HanayaMesh- A Pine for Four Seasons

-Hanaya- A Pine for Four Seasons

Our offering* to hunters is a set of four pieces of 3-dimensional wall art, which include a removable resizer to ensure a fit for most spaces. Choose from Pine in Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn. At default size, each piece weighs 2 LI.

The hunt starts tomorrow, the 17th of January, and runs until the 31st. Please visit the hunt blog for a list of slurls and previews of the hunt items. Here is the hunt object you are searching for:

four walls hunt item

To help you find the hunt item at -Hanaya-, try this clue:

“Staying informed about your fave store is a good thing.”

* Please note that each item in the hunt is priced at 20 L, and has a stated value of 200 L or more, as well as being brand new for the hunt.