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NEW -Hanaya- Cottage Hummingbird Feeder

As we wait for the winter to release it’s grip on us, I can’t help it but to remember summer days at my parents cottage in south-eastern Quebec. I have great memories of weekends there –  swimming, canoeing and mushrooming in the forest.

But the best memory is of lazying around on a lawn chair, watching the activity at the hummingbird feeder. My mom made new syrup to fill the feeder every morning and by evening, it was always empty. Many times, there were more than 10 hummingbirds fighting to get their turn.
So I made one for Second Life .. to bring summer sooner.

-Hanaya- Cottage Humming Bird Feeder [mesh]

-Hanaya- Cottage Humming Bird Feeder [mesh]

The feeder itself is meticulously constructed and textured, and includes 4 flower feeding
stations. It is suspended from a wrought iron bracket with an aged copper chain, and includes a post to stand it in your garden.

The whole set is provided as a linked mesh object which has a Land Impact of 10 PE. If you like, you can separate the post and use the feeder on it’s own to suspend from a tree branch.

-Hanaya- Cottage Hummingbirds [mesh]

-Hanaya- Cottage Hummingbirds [mesh]

We have also made the humming birds available separately. The pack includes 3 versions with different wing positions and sounds. The sounds are played at random intervals, and can be turned on by clicking each hummer. Listen closely, because the sound is purposely gentle and soft.

Now on display at -Hanaya-

On display in-world

Now on display at -Hanaya- in-world store and also available on the Second Life Marketplace.