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Daffodils a la Carte

In my real life neighbourhood, daffodils of many sizes, shapes and colours are blooming like crazy. So is a pot of forced ones on my kitchen table. So it seemed like the right thing on this fine Monday to bring some daffodil sunshine to my Second Life in-world store.

-Hanaya- Daffodils with Robin

Our Daffodils with Robin will add a whimsical touch to any home or garden this time of year. And yes, it is a European Robin, not its North American larger cousin that I most often incorporate into my products.

-Hanaya- A Cup of Daffodils

A little cup stuffed with daffodils is just the thing, in my opinion, for a sunny window sill, kitchen counter, or a protected ledge in your garden. At only 11 prims, perhaps you can scatter a few of them around to bring spring cheer to your surroundings.

-Hanaya- Yellow Daffodils

 For traditionalists, we have yellow daffodils with a more realistic (but primmier) foliage. Freshly snipped in my greenhouse garden and popped into a glass of water for your enjoyment.

All three brand new daffodil releases from -Hanaya- are available for purchase at our in-world store, and soon on the Second Life Marketplace.

I hope you have a bright sunshiny day!