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TONS of New Releases @ -Hanaya-

Your personal elf, Moriko Inshan, has been hard at work making Christmassy + wintery things in her North Pole workshop. Now  the workshop is decorated, and open to the public – yay!

When you arrive at -Hanaya- in-world  location, just follow the signs to the garden behind the main store.

All new items are also available at this year’s SL Christmas Expo.

-Hanaya- Christmas Shop 2012

The Christmas shop has demos of all our new releases for you to try, along with our favourite Christmas and winter things all in one cute place. Feel free to linger and take some pics in the garden.

-Hanaya- Old Fashioned Christmas Tree (Texture Change)

The first thing to try is our Old Fashioned Christmas Tree – click the tree to bring up the texture change menu to alternate between a light and dark wood finish on the wooden angel tree topper. Or change the textures on the tree skirt. The menu also contains Access Control, so you can decide who can play with your tree.

Please note that all elements of the tree (except the candles) are mesh, so if you increase the size, the land impact will increase accordingly.

-Hanaya- On Frozen Pond Picnic Set

I am Canadian, so I love hanging outside in cold snowy weather. For those of you who like that as well, we have 2 new products in our On Frozen Pond collection.

First is the On Frozen Pond Picnic Set – a mesh table and benches with 4 menu-driven single animations that seats up to four people. My fave animation is the one that gives you hot steamy coffee. Or click the pile of mesh snowballs on the table to get a throwable snowball. Just wear it, go into mouselook, aim at your friends, throw and watch it go SPLAT!

-Hanaya- On Frozen Pond Bench

Another part of the On Frozen Pond collection is a mesh park bench embellished with sculpted elements like frozen ivy leaves, snowy branches and icicles. The bench contains 6 menu-driven, adjustable unisex animations and seats either 1 or 2 avatars.

-Hanaya- Wintery Driftwood Birdbath

In response to customer queries, our Driftwood Birdbath is now available in a wintery version. With it’s frosty ivy leaves and icicles, it will provide much needed drinks to your feathered friends throughout the winter. And birds appreciate a birdbath in winter, since they do not have to waste energy on melting snow to drink.

 -Hanaya- On Frozen Pond Complete Set  | click to view large image

We have packaged up some of the new releases into one big set, and have placed them into a one-of-a-kind wintery scene, jam packed full of goodies, many of which are hand-crafted mesh created in our workshop for this project.

The set includes the following, some of which are mesh and some sculpted:

  • an ice base with a watery hole includes 3 fun animations and frozen grass
  • a ricketty fence frames the frozen pond area, casting shadow on the ice
  • a clump of 5 snowy pine trees in a snow drift form a wintery backdrop
  • gently glowing, a park light is graced with frozen ivy and a festive red bow
  • bare deciduous tree with bird feeder, frozen boulders + a cardinal that sings
  • Bark + Driftwood Deer (Snowy)
  • On Frozen Pond Picnic Set (see above for detail)
  • Wintery Driftwood Birdbath (see above for detail)

All of the new releases in this blog post are available for demoing and purchasing at -Hanaya- Christmas Shop, as well as at this year’s SL Christmas Expo. We are located on Xmas Expo 1.

Second Life Marketplace availability in a few days, as time permits.

-Hanaya- Festive Chandelier with a Kiss ♥

I don’t know how about you, but I love to have accessories in my Second Life home that ‘do stuff’. By ‘doing stuff’, I mean stuff you can click on to change, and that includes animations.

The newly released Festive Chandelier from -Hanaya- does both of those things.
Sit on the mistletoe for a sweet kiss animation, touch the wreath to change the ornaments, and the metal colour.

And of course, you can turn the lights on and off – it is a  light fixture after all.

-Hanaya- Festive Chandelier (Texture Change)

The chandelier is provided in two versions, the full prim one includes 3 sizes of ornaments and mistletoe – all yummily sculpted. The different sizes of ornaments can be changed individually, and so can the metal finish of the chandelier. All changes are done via an easy-to-use menu. And since this version has mistletoe, it includes a couple kiss.

The couple kiss contains a pair of animations, and a matching pair of static poses for ease of taking a photo. Both are fully adjustable and are accessible via the built-in animation menu – no icky poseballs required!

The low prim version of the chandelier has a texture change for the metal (silver and gold) and is graced with a sculpted pine wreath.

 Instructions on how to use your -Hanaya- Festive Chandelier

Also included in this value-packed product are extra chain links in both metals, should you need to extend the length of the chain, as well as 2 optional ceiling medallions.

The Festive Chandelier (Texture Change) is now on display and available for sale at -Hanaya- in-world store. And for those of you wishing to gift it to a friend or loved one – pop over to our web store on the Second Life Marketplace.

Look for more new products for the festive season from -Hanaya- soon.

And please mark your calendar to come visit our store front at the
2012 SL Christmas Expo, which starts on December 6th.

NEW: Long Stemmed Roses with Texture Change

-Hanaya- has released a new flower arrangement for this festive season,
a Dozen Long Stemmed Roses made with a precious metal – platinum.

Twelve long stemmed roses are a traditional and heartfelt way to say “I love you” or “Thank you” – at Christmas and all year long. Our romantic bouquet is arranged in an exquisite ceramic vase which is texture change to match any home decor.

The lovingly sculpted roses and gypsophylla are arranged to look good from all sides, and are accented with green foliage. The gently rippling water surface adds to the bouquet’s realism. Also included is an optional pedestal display table, pictured in the product image below.

-Hanaya- Dozen Long Stemmed Roses (Platinum) with Texture Change Vase

Texture Change:
Simply touch the vase to access the Texture Change menu for the 8 options –
4 solids and 4 textured looks. And since the product is modify (except the scripts), you can also recolour the textures. The menu also includes Access Control, so that you can allow others beside yourself to change the look of the arrangement.

Vase Texture options for -Hanaya- Dozen Long Stemmed Roses (Platinum)

-Hanaya- Dozen Long Stemmed Roses (Platinum) are now available for sale at our in-world store, as well as on the Second Life Marketplace for gifting or home shopping for yourself.

From us to you with love @ Christmas

Dear friends and customers,

first, on behalf of my family and myself, let me wish you all the very best of the festive season, and a very Merry Christmas to those of you that celebrate it.

Second – and most important – thank you so much for being part of my Second Life over the last year. As you may know, -Hanaya- celebrated it’s first anniversary in November and it has been a wonderful year thanks to all of you. I hope to meet and talk to many more of you in 2012 – if I am in the store or in my workshop below, please stop and say hello.

As a thank you, please accept the following gifts from us to you with love:

-Hanaya- Primmy Christmas Gift Boxes (in-world group gift)

The gift boxes are mod, transfer – so you can stuff your own present in, rename if you wish, then take back into your inventory and give to a friend or loved one as a gift. There are 5 types as shown above, and there are 3 of each type in the box. If you need more, get them from our in-world group notices, or stop by our in-world store and check the Customer Information area (please make sure your group is active).

-Hanaya- Driftwood Deer Planter with Poinsettias
(in-world group + subscribo gift)

After last week, where I made a number of very low prim new stuffies, I felt like primming stuff up. So  I give you the Driftwood Deer Planter, stuffed with 3 yummy poinsettias, embellished with a bow and a gingerbread kiddo. A single poinsettia is also included in case you just can’t spare the prims.
This prezzie is also transfer
– so you can regift it 🙂

News about -Hanaya- in-world groups and Subscribe-O-Matic:

  1. Effective January 15, 2012, the join fee for our in-world group, -Hanaya- Yummy Collectibles, will change to 250L. During the 1st quarter of 2012, we plan to introduce a method to allow group discounts on in-world purchases, as well as a customer loyalty program.
  2. A second (free to join) in-world group will be setup for those who only want to receive product updates and news.
  3. Our Subscribe-O-Matic group will continue to receive product updates and news, with the odd prezzie thrown in.

So please have a safe and happy holiday season, have fun and be good to each other.

love and hugs from Moriko and the whole -Hanaya- team

NEW! -Hanaya- Traditional Christmas Trees

It is December, one of my favourite months of the year. So let me talk about Christmas trees, since the primary reason for this post is just that. A brand new release from -Hanaya- to add to the thousands of pixel trees out there on the grid. But I happen to think this one is just a little bit special. Want to know why?

First, the new -Hanaya- Traditional Christmas Tree comes in 3 sizes to fit into most homes. And the best part is that those of you who are in the -Hanaya- Yummy Collectibles in-world group get the littlest one as this month’s group gift. Woo!

Second, all three sizes of the tree come in 2 rez options – normal rez that takes up lots of prims, and a temp rezzer version with a custom-written, low lag script, which only uses 1 prim on your parcel.

So, to describe the trees – they are sculpted pine trees with gorgeous glass ornaments of many shapes and colours. I also made a string of flashing lights and some garlands, and topped the whole thing with a shiny blown glass tree top. The tree sits in a wood tree stand and has a built-in shadow. All three sizes include a ‘Trim the Tree’ animation and give you and your friends or customers a box of ornaments to wear. A bare tree in a tree stand is also included in all three sizes, in case you want to hold off putting out the decorated one until it is closer to Christmas – like me.

 -Hanaya- Traditional Christmas Tree

The largest of the trees (image above) is 5.5 meters and includes a separate ladder with the ‘Trim the Tree’ animation and ornament box giver, so that you can get ornaments on the upper part of the tree. The Traditional Christmas Tree also has more ornaments like lighted candles and pewter bird ornaments, which are not included in the small version or the group gift version. That is me and our store tweeny Hana posing for the vendor pic 🙂

-Hanaya- Small Traditional Christmas Tree

The small version of our Traditional Christmas Tree is 4.5 meters high – sure to fit a standard-sized SL home, which usually have ceilings that are at least 5 meters high. The ornament giver and ‘Trim the Tree’ animation are included.

-Hanaya- December 2011 In-World Group Gift

The littlest of our traditional Christmas trees is 3 meters high, and is our gift to our customers that are part of the -Hanaya- Yummy Collectibles in-world group. The tree includes the ‘Trim the Tree’ animation and gives the ornament box like the 2 ‘for purchase’ versions.

-Hanaya- December 2011 Subscribo Gift

The box of Christmas decorations which can be used to trim the Traditional Christmas Tree is a gift to our customers who are part of the -Hanaya- Subscribe-O-Matic Newsgroup.

We hope that you will find room in your Second Life home for one of our Traditional Christmas Trees – one will be on display in our in-world store during the month of December. Or if you are feeling stressed and lazy, the purchase versions will be available on the Second Life Marketplace in the next few days.


-Hanaya- Christmas Gift Basket

The Christmas shopping and gift giving season is almost upon us and -Hanaya- has a new release that may be the answer to some of the gifts you plan to purchase for friends and loved ones this year.

Our Christmas Gift Basket is stuffed full of goodies like breads, cheese, salami and melon. A bottle of red wine with silver goblets and some home-baked gingerbreads complete the meal. And since we are a flower shop, I also tucked in a poinsettia plant potted up in a terracotta container. And a paring knife to cut the cheese 😉

-Hanaya- Christmas Gift Basket

What I like most about our new Christmas Gift Basket, is that the recipient does not have to rez it in-world if they do not have any prims. You simply wear it and the built-in ‘holding basket’ pose is activated. And you want to know the coolest part? When you rez or wear the basket, it is closed. Then you click it, and it opens and all the lovely goodies are revealed 🙂

Please note that the permissions on this item are transfer, modify, no copy (unlike our usual practice). This will enable you to purchase it and then transfer it to whomever you wish. If you would prefer a mod/copy/no transfer version, please contact me in-world.

The -Hanaya- Christmas Gift Basket is now available for purchase at our in-world store, as well as on the Second Life Marketplace.

And speaking of gift giving, starting on December 1st, a selection of our products will be available with transfer permissions at our in-world store, and will be packaged up in seasonal gift wrap.