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Pine Lake Family Camping Trip – part 1

The next series of blog posts are based around a camping trip, that took place in real life in 1990, and in Second Life just last week.

The images represent pages from the photo album of my Second Life niece Miu-chan, and feature furniture and accessories from the soon-to-be-released -Hanaya- Pine Lake Family Camping Trip product.

Miu writes:

Every summer, my mom, dad and my sister Hana go on a family camping trip. It is fun! This year, aunt Mori came with us. Boy was the car ever full!!!!
When we got there, daddy made a fire and we sat around roasting marshmallows and sang while my daddy played his guitar. Mommy made yummy stuff to eat.

The first morning, we were all up early and went on a long hike in the woods. We didn’t see any bears – phew!
Mommy made us more marshmallows and daddy got the guitar out again. Hana hardly played with me, cause she had a new book to read or something.

To be continued …