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-Hanaya- Backyard Birds Set

In real life, I really enjoy feeding birds and watching them go about their busy life.  In my SLife, our home sim is full of chirping, tweeting and fluttery wings. So I thought I would bring out a collection of birds you can expect to see at your bird feeder. If you live on the Eastern seaboard of the US or Canada that is.

-Hanaya- Backyard Birds Set

The -Hanaya- Backyard Birds Set includes 9 individual birds, each with their own appropriate bird song. Thanks to Lance Corrimal, my heroic helper/scripter for the sounds.

The birds are provided separately and are clickable for sound on/off. Also, the set includes a log with all of them linked to it, including a plate of bird seed. The linked set has a land impact of 13, and each bird separately is either 1 or 2 li.


NEW -Hanaya- Frozen Victorian Fountain

New from -Hanaya- for winter 2015 / 2016, the Frozen Victorian Fountain.

The winter version of our classic three tier fountain is a stunning water feature for residences and commercial areas, which adds an elegant touch of winter. Flash-frozen water seems to bubble from the top finial, caught in the act of trickling over scalloped tiers. The fountain’s wavy rims have divots to direct thin streams of water to the tiers below.

-Hanaya- Frozen Victorian Fountain

-Hanaya- Frozen Victorian Fountain

Presented in carved stone, the fountain’s finish gives it a realistically aged appearance.
Its beautiful design conveys warm natural stone highlights and shading in subtle organic tones as it stands on an octagon shaped pebble base with a drift of snow.

If you like, enable Advanced Lighting in your Graphics settings to see the fountain’s textures in 3-D quality. At the provided size of 2 x 2 x 2 meters, the land impact is 10 PE.


The -Hanaya- Frozen Victorian Fountain is currently on display and available for purchase at -Hanaya- inworld store and on the Second Life Marketplace. Eligible for inworld VIP group discount of 20% – please wear your tag!


-Hanaya- Apple Bobbing Contest

With autumn in the air, thoughts turn to fall activities such as raking and collecting leaves, carving gourds and pumpkins and decorating our homes and gardens.

I love garden decor – but I really really get excited when the decor is not just a static thing, when it is fun and has a purpose too. That is why the -Hanaya- team got together to bring you the Apple Bobbing Contest. No, you don’t win anything, other than bragging rights.

Watch our 2.5 minute video to see it in action in HD on YouTube.

-Hanaya- Apple Bobbing Contest FOR SALE

How it works:

The custom script in the piece allows for 2 avatar to sit on the apple barrel, and compete to see who will get the most apples first.

The first avatar sits, and waits for a second person to join. Once both are sitting, they will start to bob for apples. The time it takes to grab an apple is random. And who gets more apples is random as well – there is no skill, nor is there any prize, other than your right to do a victory dance.

The first avatar to get three apples wins the contest. The loser has a bit of a tantrum,  the winner celebrates and then both avatars are unseated. And the next contest can begin!

Now available for purchase at -Hanaya- inworld store, and on the Second Life Marketplace. Unless you are the member of one of our groups, in which case you can get it from notices as a gift from us to you 🙂

Rhapsody visitor gift from -Hanaya-

I am so excited!

Just finished the set up of the -Hanaya- store at Rhapsody and managed to steal some time to walk around the whole build. You guys are going to be so amazed! The build by
RubyStarlight Writer and Annette Voight is awesome. From the laser light show in Electronic, the zippered store fronts in Punk, and the NYC street scene in Jazz – you will be amazed.

I hope you stop by the -Hanaya- booth (one of the stores at the landing point), and grab our visitor gift. It is a classic mesh guitar with both standing and sitting ‘play guitar’ animations. Versions sized for both guys and girls are included. And it plays a cute instrumental.

-Hanaya- Summer of 69 Classic Guitarl [mesh] GIFT Image

-Hanaya- Summer of 69 Classic Guitar [mesh]

Rhapsody starts today at noon SLT and is on for the next 2 weeks.

June Group Gift from -Hanaya-

The -Hanaya- team has been busily working on products for the Rhapsody event, which is coming up later this month. So we have been in a retro-hippie-flower-child mood.

That is why this month’s VIP group gift is a little bench with a pink poppy.

-Hanaya- Flower Child Bench [mesh]

-Hanaya- Flower Child Bench [mesh]

The bench is 2 li, and contains 3 cute menu-driven animations.

The gift was sent out on the -Hanaya- Yummy Collectibles group today, and will remain in the notices for the next 2 weeks. If you missed yours, please stop by -Hanaya- in-world and get it from the Group Gift vendor. Just make sure that you have the group active first.

And have a wonderful day!