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May News + Group Gift from -Hanaya-

It has been absolutely ages since I have blogged! And no, it does not mean that there is nothing new.

One of the reasons for being quiet is that I have been learning some new techniques in 3-D modeling. And after careful consideration, my team and I have decided to limit our use of meshes made by other creators in -Hanaya- products. Instead, we hope to continue to bring you meticulously crafted and textured  creations (made from prims, sculpts and original meshes) that are not available elsewhere.

And speaking of sculpties …

-Hanaya- Welcome Sign (Daisies with Robin)

The group gift for our VIP Customer group, -Hanaya- Yummy Collectibles, was sent out today.

It is a summery welcome sign embellished with sculpted daisies and hand-drawn textures. The sign is mod/copy, and comes in 2 sizes – a standard avatar size and sized for petites.

If you missed the group inventory offer, the gift will remain available, as always, in the customer information area of our in-world store for the month of May. For those of you not part of our VIP group – I invite you to join us. The one time group-join fee is 250 Lindens.

U P C O M I N G   E V E N T S

  • Culture Shock
    Look for us on Purple Street, starting on Friday, May 4th.
    All products for Culture Shock from -Hanaya- are brand new and are either 100% mesh, or combination of mesh/sculpts.
  • Home & Garden Expo
    More awesome original meshes from -Hanaya- for your home, business and outdoor spaces.
    Look for us on Home Expo 14 starting on May 19th.
  • Keep Calm and Keep Shopping Event
    The event, which starts May 14th, guarantees each participating merchant will be selling a brand new, not-to-be-sold-again product, which will be created specifically for the event.

More information and images of products for these events are coming up. Have a great day!


Birdbaths – sing a sweet song to spring

As I was putting the finishing spring touches to our sim, I came across one of my fave old bird baths from summer 2007. It holds many memories, and is still kind of pretty, but I felt like something new this year.

So here are 2 new birdbaths from -Hanaya-. One for a casual garden or forest clearing look, and the other a bit more formal for those of you that are into that style.

-Hanaya- Driftwood Birdbath

A sparrow perches on the cast concrete of the birdbath, which is cradled by 3 branches of an old driftwood log. A bit of ivy embellishes the log and adds only a few prims to the piece. Gently rippling animated water surface adds realism.

-Hanaya- Stone Birdbath

A traditional pedestal bird bath with water surface ripples spreading out in a pattern from the spot where the sparrow drinks. Only 8 prims, in fact 6 if you remove the 2 prim shadow at the base of the column.

Both birdbaths are, as always, copy/mod for your convenience, so you can adjust as needed. Or remove our birds, if you have your own that you wish to utilize instead. We won’t mind 🙂

The birdbaths are currently rezzed out on the grounds of our in-world store, and are available for purchase in the New Products area of our store, directly inside the front entrance.

A   W O R D   O F   C A U T I O N   A B O U T   T H E   S L   M A R K E T P L A C E

Since the roll out of Direct Delivery on March 21st, the Second Life Marketplace continues to experience severe issues. These range from slowness, to failed deliveries, to customers receiving the wrong goods, customers paying but merchants not receiving the funds, and mixed up listing images/products and pricing. As one reporter on the JIRA said, shopping on the Marketplace right now, is like playing a Gatcha! You have no idea what you will receive.

It is my personal recommendation to my customers that they shop in-world for our products until the Second Life Marketplace issues are resolved and the platform is stabilized. If you are unable to teleport,  or wish to purchase an item as a gift, please do not hesitate to contact me – I am most happy to help you to avoid issues with the Marketplace.

If you would like more specific information about the issues, please contact me for a list of JIRAs that touch on this topic.

Please note, therefore, that the new releases in this post will not be available on the Second Life Marketplace until further notice.

Thank you for your continued support, and have a great weekend.

NEW Spring Flowers from -Hanaya-

More spring flowers – both low prim and primtensive. Yeah, my newly coined phrase. For those of you who are lucky to have available primage. Primage, Second Life’s equivalent of acreage. Another new word – I am on a roll this morning.

But really, this blog post is all about sculpted spring flowers for your Second Life. All of these lovely flowers are rezzed and on display, ready for purchase, in the New Products area of our in-world store, as well in our web store on the Second Life Marketplace.

-Hanaya- Mason Jar with Tulips

Simple is best – partly filled mason jar with water, 3 tulips and a teeny bit of shadow to give it that extra special look. Please keep the lid off until your tulips wither away, but don’t lose it – we will be making jam in June and July.

By the way, I never Photoshop the product part of my vendor ads – that wonderful shine on the jar is on the texture. Lovely isn’t it?

-Hanaya- Koi with Orchid Ikebana

Another ‘simple is better’ piece – an exquisitely detailed koi presides over a bowl of subtly animated water with bamboo, rock and a single orchid blossom. Enough said.

-Hanaya- All My Love Bouquet (Spring)

Ok, so kill me. Simple is not always best. Sometimes an extravagant display of prims (yes, it is 58 prims, fifty-eight) is just wow. Like the spring version of our All My Love Bouquet, which you guys wanted in pink tones. So here it is – please enjoy.

-Hanaya- Dozen Long Stemmed Roses (Pink Blush)

And one more for the un-primconscious (yay another new word) – a wonderfully creamy pink variety of our long stemmed roses. And look at it this way, you can just drag them out when you have company coming to dress up the place. They are guaranteed not to wilt, get dusty or thirsty in the depths of your inventory.

O T H E R     N E W S

In a previous blog post, I promised that our new vendor system would be implemented in the month of March. Yeah, this month – the one that is almost over. Guess what? Not happening just yet.

I have been busy with a large number of custom orders, as well as the design and build of a community sim for a large estate in Second Life. More information on that soon. Also, with Direct Delivery on the Second Life Marketplace, as well as yet to be resolved issues with how vendor/sale tracking systems will interact with it, it makes sense to put off our implementation of the in-world vendor system. So .. it is on the task list for actioning as soon as it makes sense. I will keep you guys informed.

In the meantime, if you want one of our products with different permissions, or to gift deliver it in-world, please do not hesitate to contact me. Likewise, for those of you in my -Hanaya- Yummy Collectibles VIP group – if you make an in-store purchase, please ping me with your transaction information and I will gladly refund you the 10% of the purchase price, which you, as a VIP group member are entitled to effective April 1, 2012.

 C O M I N G   U P

  • Evil Bunny Hunt 2 starts soon, and runs April 3 – 30, 2012
  • Culture Shock 2012, which will be on from May 4 – 26, 2012
  • Keep Calm and Keep Shopping Event: May 14 – 28, 2012

And we are also excited to be part of this year’s Second Life Home & Garden Expo, scheduled for May 19 – 28, 2012

And my real life vacation in Italy, May 17 – 31st. Hope they have wifi!

March news from -Hanaya-

March – a month of uncertain weather and the promise of spring. And thorough house cleanings – you know, out with the tired and dusty and in with the new.

First, I am happy to announce that the -Hanaya- in-world store has shed most of it’s winter look, and is starting to look like spring is just around the corner. Wintery demos of products have been shelved and new stuff will be appearing before you know it.

One new thing is this month’s -Hanaya- Yummy Collectibles VIP Group Gift, which is being sent out today on the group. If you miss yours, please grab it from group notices, or better yet, stop by the store – it will remain available in the Customer Information area for the whole month of March.  For those of you not members, please note that there is a 250 Linden group join fee.

-Hanaya- Driftwood + Glass Table with Potted Caladium

T H I S    M O N T H

Three major undertakings for -Hanaya- this month.

First, a summery line of yummy collectibles, plants, as well as home & garden decor is currently in development. Expect explosions of colour and texture and delicious primness.

The second is ‘running-of-the- business’ related, but of interest to those of you in our VIP group. Our plan is to have a new vendor system in operation by the end of March (as promised here), which will:

  • give our VIP group members 10% off on all -Hanaya- in-store purchases,
  • enable gift delivery options on all in-store products
    (already available on the Second Life Marketplace),
  • make in-store gift cards available.

Part of the vendor system may see a few changes to the layout of our in-world store – so keep an eye out on things, and please excuse the mess.

Lastly, we are taking a lead in a large sim development project, so notices may be a teeny bit scarce over the next few weeks. Yay, less spam from us for a bit!

C O M I N G    U P

We will be participating in Culture Shock 2012, which will be on from May 5 – 26, 2012.
And we are also excited to be part of this year’s Second Life Home & Garden Expo, scheduled for May 19 – 28, 2012

So please stay safe, stay happy and have fun!

-Hanaya- February 2012 VIP Group Gift

We planted some rare orchids in a terracotta pot and let the pot age to get a nice mossy patina. The -Hanaya- Hanging Basket with Orchids will do best in a sunny south or east facing location, but it will do just fine with artificial light.

This simple hanging basket is the February VIP group gift for -Hanaya- Yummy Collectibles in-world group . It is being sent out on the group today – if you miss your delivery, please grab it from group notices or stop by our in-world store and get it. It is on display in the Customer Information Area where it will remain for the month of February.

-Hanaya- Hanging Basket with Orchids

 Not a member of our VIP group? Join* today for monthly group gifts, random goodies, news and event information.

C O M I N G    U P    L A T E R    T H I S    M O N T H

 We are excited to be participating in two awesome events in the month of February.

The Back to Black Event runs from February 11 – 29, 2012. Our theme is ‘Family’, and we will have several brand new products that will be available only at the event.

-Hanaya- will also take part in the Festival of Sin (February 18 – March 3, 2012), where we will be doing our best to tempt you with goodies in the ‘Greed’ theme.

More information and sneak peeks at our offerings for these events is coming, so please stay tuned 🙂

* a group join fee of 250 L is applicable

News about -Hanaya- In-World Groups

As announced on December 21st, the group join fee for the -Hanaya- Yummy Collectibles in-world group will change to 250L effective the end of the day today.

In addition to monthly group gifts, which are sent out on the group at the beginning of each month, the group receives random gifts throughout the year.
We also plan to introduce a method to allow group discounts on in-world purchases, group only sales, as well as a customer loyalty program in the next few months.

Don’t care about group gifts?

Here are some cost-free ways to keep up with news from -Hanaya-:

  1. -Hanaya- News Group (free to join in-world group)
  2. -Hanaya- Subscribe-O-Matic (free in-world news, does not use group slot)
  3. -Hanaya- Subscribe-O-Matic RSS Feed
  4. -Hanaya- Store Blog RSS Feed

Speaking of gifts, here is a pic of a group gift sent out on the -Hanaya- Yummy Collectibles in-world group today:

-Hanaya- Spring is Coming Table Grouping In-world Group Gift

A Plurk friend of mine, Shayariel Teardrop celebrated the 3rd anniversary of her blog on Friday. To help her and her readers celebrate it, I created the -Hanaya- Spring is Coming Table Grouping. Hope you guys enjoy this little breath of spring 🙂

Latest New Release:

-Hanaya- Tweet Birds in Love Wall Art

Since February and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, it seems like the right time for lovey dovey things. So here is Tweet Birds in Love – a pretty way to dress up the walls of your home, or a gift for your sweetheart. It is on display at our in-world store, and also available for purchase on the Second Life Marketplace.

-Hanaya- January 2012 Group Gift

Lately, I have been saying thank you a lot – but then I am Canadian and we tend to do that a lot. So let me thank you for reading my blog, which turned one year old yesterday.

-Hanaya- Bamboo Fountain

Since it is the beginning of the month, the monthly -Hanaya- Yummy Collectibles in-world group gift was sent out today.

Our gift this month is the -Hanaya- Bamboo Fountain, a 32 prim sculpted bamboo with flowing water cascading down a series of bronze leaves. The water surface of the fountain ripples and emits a gentle tinkling sound, which can be turned on and off with a touch. A warm wintery-knit blanket is draped across one corner and contains 3 adjustable animations (sit on the blanket, then click to change animations). And yeah I know, the corner is a bit wet from trailing in the water 😉

As usual, the group gift it will remain available in group notices for the next 14 days, as well as being available in the Customer Service area of our in-world store for the remainder of the month of January.

And speaking of the group … as mentioned in our blog post of December 21, 2011, the -Hanaya- Yummy Collectibles in-world group join fee will change to 250 L effective January 15, 2012.  Over the next 2 weeks, members of our store Subscribe-O-Matic will receive an invitation to join the -Hanaya- Yummy Collectibles in-world group without the associated fee being charged, so that they have the opportunity to join the group before the fee change.

I hope the first days of 2012 have been good, even though many of us have finished our holidays and are back to work.

Have a great week!

From us to you with love @ Christmas

Dear friends and customers,

first, on behalf of my family and myself, let me wish you all the very best of the festive season, and a very Merry Christmas to those of you that celebrate it.

Second – and most important – thank you so much for being part of my Second Life over the last year. As you may know, -Hanaya- celebrated it’s first anniversary in November and it has been a wonderful year thanks to all of you. I hope to meet and talk to many more of you in 2012 – if I am in the store or in my workshop below, please stop and say hello.

As a thank you, please accept the following gifts from us to you with love:

-Hanaya- Primmy Christmas Gift Boxes (in-world group gift)

The gift boxes are mod, transfer – so you can stuff your own present in, rename if you wish, then take back into your inventory and give to a friend or loved one as a gift. There are 5 types as shown above, and there are 3 of each type in the box. If you need more, get them from our in-world group notices, or stop by our in-world store and check the Customer Information area (please make sure your group is active).

-Hanaya- Driftwood Deer Planter with Poinsettias
(in-world group + subscribo gift)

After last week, where I made a number of very low prim new stuffies, I felt like primming stuff up. So  I give you the Driftwood Deer Planter, stuffed with 3 yummy poinsettias, embellished with a bow and a gingerbread kiddo. A single poinsettia is also included in case you just can’t spare the prims.
This prezzie is also transfer
– so you can regift it 🙂

News about -Hanaya- in-world groups and Subscribe-O-Matic:

  1. Effective January 15, 2012, the join fee for our in-world group, -Hanaya- Yummy Collectibles, will change to 250L. During the 1st quarter of 2012, we plan to introduce a method to allow group discounts on in-world purchases, as well as a customer loyalty program.
  2. A second (free to join) in-world group will be setup for those who only want to receive product updates and news.
  3. Our Subscribe-O-Matic group will continue to receive product updates and news, with the odd prezzie thrown in.

So please have a safe and happy holiday season, have fun and be good to each other.

love and hugs from Moriko and the whole -Hanaya- team

Christmas Gift Shopping @ -Hanaya-

As promised, a number of our in-world store products that are suitable for gift-giving are now available in transfer version for your shopping convenience. Each gift version comes with a cute Christmas Gift Box, so you can package up your gift, include any additional items or notes, and then give it to your friend or loved one in person 🙂

And if you are looking for a gift for the hard to buy for person, check out the roof-top and garden Art Gallery – all art is sold in no copy/transfer format.

Detailed instructions for the inner newbie in all of us:

To purchase a transfer version of one of our products at our in-world store, look for the red and white gift box icon, then follow these steps:

  1. Right-click the gift box icon above the product vendor you wish to purchase.
  2. Choose ‘Buy’, and you will see the contents of the gift vendor, then pay to conclude the purchase. Your purchase will be a top-level folder in your inventory, named same as the product.
  3. At home or at a place where you can rez, drag the -Hanaya- Christmas Gift Box from the folder. The box is mod/transfer.
  4. Edit the gift box, go to the Contents tab, then drag the gift you purchased into the Contents tab. Add anything else you wish that is transfer.
  5. Take the box back into your inventory.  At Christmas, give the box to a friend or loved one and have a wonderful Merry Christmas!

If there is a product that you wish to give as gift, which is not currently available in Gift Version mode, please contact me in-world. However, please note that items that are packaged in an auto-rezzer box (like our St. Lawrence Stone Gazebo), are not suitable for giving in no copy/transfer mode.

As always, all our products are also available for gift giving on the Second Life Marketplace.

POE Hunt Gift: In the Land of the Winter Moon

-Hanaya- Yummy Collectibles is participating in the 4th annual Peace on Earth grid-wide hunt, which starts in just a few short hours. Our hunt gift is the -Hanaya- In the Land of the Winter Moon playset (image below), created especially for this hunt.

The set includes a custom-made igloo built from snow in my own SL backyard, a cozy quilt with piles of cushy pillows and an ice bucket with drinkable wine.  The quilt and pillows have 6 PG animations for couples, which are synchronized to work in pairs.

Peek inside the igloo and click on the wine bucket, to be given a folder with wine glasses. Wear the wineglass for the ‘A Toast’ animation, or any other time you want to sip on some white wine.

For outside fun, wander outside and find the snow angel animation in the frozen tundra grass and and get a smile on your face from the happy tree. The scene is lit by a glowing golden moon.

-Hanaya- In the Land of the Winter Moon (Hunt Edition)

Our store is number 79 in an amazing line-up of cool stores that are participating this year. The hint to help you find the hunt gift in our store is:

‘New things are ever so nice.’

So please stop by our in-world store, hunt and if you have time, check out some of the new Christmassy and winter items on display in the New Releases area 😉 You will be glad you did ^.^