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July Group Gift from -Hanaya-

What do bluer than blue Forget-me-nots, pink gerbera and a white Asiatic lily have
in common?

They are part of a Summery Flowers wearable bouquet with pose that is the July group gift from -Hanaya-. Also included is a rezzable display version in a sweet little vase.

-Hanaya- Summer Flowers Bouquetl [mesh] Image GROUP GIFT

-Hanaya- Summer Flowers Bouquet [mesh]

The gift was sent out on the -Hanaya- VIP group today, and will remain available in the
Customer Service area of our in-world store during the month of July.

Have a lovely summery day!


-Hanaya- @ Midsummer Night’s Dream 5

Just a quick post on a current hunt going on right now – the Midsummer Night’s Dream 5. The -Hanaya- hunt gift is a wearable mesh lantern to help you find your way in the forest.

-Hanaya- Midsummer Night's Forest Lantern [mesh] HUNT GIFT Image

-Hanaya- Midsummer Night’s Forest Lantern

So stop by -Hanaya- in-world and come and get your copy if you can find it.
The hunt runs from June 21 to July 21, 2014, and our hint is:

“What nectar of the gods is this asks the butterfly? Could it be a lilac?”


June Group Gift from -Hanaya-

The -Hanaya- team has been busily working on products for the Rhapsody event, which is coming up later this month. So we have been in a retro-hippie-flower-child mood.

That is why this month’s VIP group gift is a little bench with a pink poppy.

-Hanaya- Flower Child Bench [mesh]

-Hanaya- Flower Child Bench [mesh]

The bench is 2 li, and contains 3 cute menu-driven animations.

The gift was sent out on the -Hanaya- Yummy Collectibles group today, and will remain in the notices for the next 2 weeks. If you missed yours, please stop by -Hanaya- in-world and get it from the Group Gift vendor. Just make sure that you have the group active first.

And have a wonderful day!


-Hanaya- and the Beached Bunny Hunt 4

Summer is coming, and with it, the 4th annual Beached Bunny Hunt. A very well organized event by Allie Munro of Grumble, the hunt features 20 sponsors and a total of 58 designers.

We decided to make an exclusive, brand new item for this event –
the Pelee Island Beach Chair. The event starts on June 1st.

-Hanaya- Pelee Island Beach Chair [mesh] HUNT GIFT Image

-Hanaya- Pelee Island Beach Chair [mesh] HUNT GIFT

The beach chair is a brand new, original mesh designed and created by our own Moriko. The chair is 2 li, has materials textures and includes 6 animations, which are custom-fitted to the chair. Three anims for guys and three for girls, which are accessible via a menu.

-Hanaya- White Anthurium Trio

-Hanaya- White Anthurium Trio SPONSOR GIFT

If you get to the end of the hunt, you will also be eligible to participate in a mini-hunt for gifts from the hunt’s sponsors. Our sponsor gift is a lovely trio of white anthuriums.

The Beached Bunny Hunt 4 starts on June 1 and runs until June 15, 2014.
-Hanaya- is store number 6, and our hunt hint is:

“What’s a greenhouse without a sink and buckets of water?”

So please come and visit -Hanaya- during the hunt, look for these goodies and maybe check out our nature walk for some cute kawaii art.

-Hanaya- @ Funny Puppet Fair

The Funny Puppet Fair 2014 officially opens at 3 PM SLT today, and there is tons of fun stuff waiting for you!

Shops, a street market and 2 dedicated Gatcha areas inspired by robots, puppets and toys. And that’s not all! Each store is participating in the Funny Puppet Fair Village hunt. Look for a teeny weeny little star in each shop for a wonderful hunt item (cost 1L).

-Hanaya- Miumiu Wiggletail [mesh]

-Hanaya- Miumiu Wiggletail [mesh] EXCLUSIVE fpf hunt gift

Our contribution to the hunt is an adorable plush attachable toy. And if Miumiu likes to be held by you, the tail will wiggle in all sorts of kawaii ways. Or rez it out – it is 5 LI.

HUNT HINT: “Lovely gifts will come your way when you join our store group.”

And keeping with the robot/puppet/toy theme, guess what?

The robopets are back! Reincarnated from their previous exclusive appearance at the Cinema event, they have been re-engineered as adorable wearables. All 5 are only available at the Funny Puppet Fair event.

-Hanaya- Go-Tan Robopet [mesh]

-Hanaya- Go-Tan Robopet [mesh]

-Hanaya- Sansan-san Robopet [mesh]

-Hanaya- Sansan-san Robopet [mesh]

To see the rest of the robopets, come and shop at our store at the Funny Puppet Fair between May 11 – 25, 2014.

SLURL to the event

FPF- MAP hanaya

See you there <3


-Hanaya- exclusive mesh for Cotton Candy Hunt

The sugary sweet Cotton Candy Hunt starts today, and -Hanaya- is participating.

-Hanaya- in summer fields headpiece [mesh]

-Hanaya- in summer fields headpiece [mesh] HUNT GIFT

Faun horns encrusted with gems and wrapped in ivy are adorned with exquisitely detailed early summer blooms – a 100% mesh wearable accessory. Like it?

Stop by -Hanaya- in-world store during the duration of the hunt (May 4 – 31) and get your own copy. Please note that hunt gifts in this hunt cost 2 L.

We are store #98 (yes, joined quite late), and our hunt hint is:

Horses like cotton candy too!

Vendor art background courtesy of the Getty Open Content Program
‘Landscape with Allegories of the Four Elements, Jan Brueghel the Younger, Frans Francken II’

May Group Gift from -Hanaya-

Don’t you adore the scent of lilacs? When I smell a lilac in bloom, I am immediately transported to the streets of my childhood, feeling the excitement late spring and the promises of carefree summers.

-Hanaya- Spring is Here [mesh]

-Hanaya- Spring is Here Group Gift

A colourful little bucket holds three sprigs of lilac blossom, and comes in 4 colours. The gift has been sent out on the -Hanaya- Yummy Collectibles in-world group, and will also remain available in the Customer Service area of our store during the month of May.

Not a member of the group? -Hanaya- Spring is Here will be available for sale starting in June 2014 both in-world as well as on the Second Life Marketplace.


And speaking of May, we will be participating in 2 events – the Cotton Candy Hunt, and Funny Puppet Fair. More news on the gifts for both events, as well as kawaii products for the fair coming soon 🙂

April is the month of flowers @ -Hanaya-

I guess you guys know I am majorly into gardening in real life, and that I am a transplanted Canadian who now lives in the mild climate of southern Germany. Having it actually be warm enough to plant out annual flower seedlings outside at the beginning of April is something that I still treasure, despite living here for almost 6 years. Especially when I can gloat about the weather to my Canadian friends and family.

Anyway … I have three new flower products out today. And all are gifts.

-Hanaya- Bowl Full of Roses GROUP GIFT

-Hanaya- Bowl Full of Roses

First up is the April group gift for my sweet customers in the VIP group. A bowl of gently rippling water holds 3 perfect floating roses, and scattered rose petals. The package contains 3 versions – with more or less petals. A mesh product with sculpted petals – brand new for April 2014. The gift was sent out on the group today, and will remain available at -Hanaya- in-world store for the month of April.

And to complement that, is the next gift –

-Hanaya- Floating Roses

-Hanaya- Floating Mesh Roses

These precious little mesh roses are the our hunt gift for the Evil Bunny Hunt. They contain a script that makes them gently rotate at random speeds and direction. Use them either on Linden Water or prim water. And since they are only 1 LI, put out a bunch of them – that creates the best effect!

-Hanaya- French Country Mixed Bouquet

-Hanaya- French Country Mixed Bouquet

-Hanaya- is also one of the sponsors of the Evil Bunny Hunt, which means that if you finish the hunt and get to the very end, you will find lots of golden eggs hidden in a forest to reward you. And one of them is our French Country Mixed Bouquet – a brand new release especially for this event.

We are store number 5 in the hunt, and our hint is:

if pigs could fly
and roosters lay eggs
on the moon we’d make bacon omelletes

So join me in getting into the spirit of spring – with flowers 🙂


Spring Gifts for Hunters + Subscribers from -Hanaya-

I have spring fever! So, here are a couple of gifts …

First, a gift for all our sweet customers in both our in-world groups as well as
Subscribe-O-Matic. It is a wearable mesh flower with fluttering butterflies. Packaged in 5 ice-creamy colours, each includes a holding pose for the left hand. If you miss the initial inventory offer, pop by the store and get it from the Subscribe-O history, or from group notices.

-Hanaya- Butterfly Flowers

-Hanaya- Butterfly Flowers GROUP + SUBSCRIBE-O GIFT

Second, we are participating in the Spring Market and Umbrella Hunt at the Old Europe sim. We have a cute little cart set up with spring products, and a super-low li table and chairs (see image below). The gift is easy to find, just look for the umbrella leaning against our cart. But watch your step – the place is pretty laggy.

-Hanaya- XIO Table and Chairs

-Hanaya- XIO Table and Chairs UMBRELLA HUNT GIFT

Also, if you haven’t already, stop by -Hanaya- in-world and grab our hunt gifts for the HomeStuff and World Tour hunts, which both end tomorrow.

More news on gifts follows in a day or two. Stay tuned for the pic of our monthly -Hanaya- VIP group gift for April, as well as the hunt gift for the Evil Bunny Hunt, which starts on April 1st.