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“ROBOPET, the path to friendship – Part 2″

Ni-kun. Second in command. Key skill – searcher.

Their mission? Find populated worlds in trouble and help by making friends and sharing knowledge. And Earth needed help, fast.

-Hanaya- pathfinding robots, coming to a Cinema near you on October 13, 2012.

-Hanaya- Ni-kun ROBOPET

Our cute little robopets are programmed to speak to you in robosounds – 9 of them. And when you click them to activate their pathfinding function, they will zip around following your land terrain or ‘walkable’ prim surface.

Want to see them in action? Stop by Earth -Hanaya- in-world store to see them do their thing.

The fabulous Cinema event starts on October 13, 2012.
Prepare to be entertained.

“ROBOPET, the path to friendship – Part 1”

Ichi-Sensei. He was the first among them. The wise one.

Their mission? Find populated worlds in trouble and help by making friends and sharing knowledge. And Earth needed help, fast.

-Hanaya- pathfinding robots, coming to a Cinema near you on October 13, 2012.

-Hanaya- Ichi-sensei ROBOPET

Our cute little robopets are programmed to speak to you in robosounds – 9 of them. And when you click them to activate their pathfinding function, they will zip around following your land terrain or ‘walkable’ prim surface.

Want to see them in action? Stop by Earth -Hanaya- in-world store to see them do their thing.

The fabulous Cinema event starts on October 13, 2012.
Prepare to be entertained.

Press Release: “ROBOPET, the path to friendship”

Coming soon to a Cinema near you!

Moriko Inshan and -Hanaya- Productions proudly announce the upcoming
debut of “ROBOPET, the path to friendship” on October 13, 2012. Follow our robot hero-toys,  as they land on Earth and seek to make friends in this breathtaking adventure that is bound to entertain audiences of all ages.

 ROBOPET: the path to friendship

A collaborative effort between Moriko Inshan and Lance Corrimal, the 5 adorable stars of ROBOPET will make their first global appearance at the Cinema 2012 event in Second Life.

Utilizing the Havok physics engine, the robots are programmed for pathfinding, which allows for real-time collision avoidance in three dimensions.

“Designing the robots and then creating the meshes was a really fun project”, says Moriko Inshan, lead conceptualizer, designer and creator. Moriko is the creative force behind -Hanaya-, a 2 year old virtual business in Second Life.

Lance Corrimal, developer of the Dolphin Viewer, is the scripter who makes the robots tick. Lance says: “Designing the behaviour of these guys was fun. I just wish pathfinding wasn’t so limited – right now all you can do are things that move on the land or on firm surfaces. Imagine what you could do with this if it could drive flying or swimming things.”

Stay tuned for futher press releases, so you can learn more about the little meshy pathfinding friends.

A Vintage Thank you and Autumn @ -Hanaya-

First, a big thank you to everyone that visited and shopped at our booth at Vintage Fair. It seems like many of you guys still like primmy flowers and furniture with flowers and heaps of frilly pillows. YAY!

The -Hanaya- My Romance furniture collection is now available for sale at our in-world store as well as on the Second Life Marketplace. Also on display and available for sale is our Three Tier Cake with animations, as well as vintage botanical prints and keepsake boxes.

 -Hanaya- Nested Tables with Autumn Artichoke

September is here, and so is the monthly group gift for -Hanaya- Yummy Collectibles in-world group.

A one prim, one Land Impact set of 3 nested tables in modify/copy permission so that you can resize and retexture as you like. The tables are topped with a simple wood-turned bowl, which contains my version of autumn artichokes that have been blooming in my real life garden.

The gift has been sent out on the group, but will remain available at our in-world store during the month of September.

O T H E R    N E W S

We are excited to announce that -Hanaya- will be participating in 2 cool events in October.

First, is Cinema! An awesome event being organized by the talented RubyStarlight Writer, who brought us Festival of Sin last winter. I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag yet and share too many details, so for now I will just say think sci-fi.

The other event we will take part in October in is Halloween Party.

More news on both events in upcoming blog posts, so stay tuned 🙂

If I were Rich Hunt Gift from -Hanaya-

It has been about 6 months since -Hanaya- has participated in a hunt, but when Chic Aeon asked us to join a small group of stores for her If I were Rich Hunt, the timing was just right. I had just completed an extravagant marble fireplace for our Summer Romance line of products, and it seemed that it would make a perfect hunt gift for the avatar who has everything.

-Hanaya- My Summer Romance Fireplace

My Summer Romance Fireplace is a one-of-a-kind marble piece created in mesh, with sculpted embellishments and log fire. It comes packaged in 4 variants – one of them being a temp rezzer version that only uses 1 prim. Soft crackling sounds and glowing embers set the mood for romance and the sculpted flames are reflected in the polished surface of the marble hearth.

If you prefer, set out the version of the fireplace without the log fire, and fill the fireplace with flowers. Above all, enjoy it with a friend or loved one.

The hint to find the hunt gift at our in-world store is:

‘You can get rich by saving your pennies.’

-Hanaya- My Summer Romance @ Vintage Fair

-Hanaya- brings vintage summer romance to Second Life at Vintage Fair 2012.

Inspired by a recent vacation in Bellagio and Venice, My Summer collection from -Hanaya- is all about indulging your senses. Heaps of ruffled pillows, sumptuous fabrics, distressed romantic woods, gilded metals and the scent of old fashioned David Austin roses.

-Hanaya- My Summer Romance Bed

The Summer Romance bed from -Hanaya- has two looks – Daytime and Nightime, both accessible from a simple to use menu. The daytime look is dressy with tons of fluffy pillows and a tidy bed. One click of a button transforms the bed into a comfy nest with scrunched up pillows and messy bedding.

You and your partner will enjoy the 28 animations that let you relax with a book or laptop, cuddle up, kiss and sleep. Most of the bed’s animations work best with 2 individuals, although a few work well with a single avatar.

Also included is a ruffly matching stool with 2 animations.

Matching bed tables, a long dresser and vintage botanical wall prints are available separately.

-Hanaya- My Summer Romance Couch

Get ready for the delicate the scent of roses when you purchase the  Summer Romance Couch or the Summer Romance Armchair. Both include menu-driven animations (12 in the 3-seater couch, and 4 in the chair), and are also provided in a lower prim version without the roses. The furniture is copy, modify – like most our products, so rez as many as you wish and modify textures or size as needed.

 -Hanaya- My Summer Romance Armchair

-Hanaya- Three Tier Cake with Roses

Our butter cream three tier wedding cake is covered with white fondant icing, embellished with roses, and has a strawberry filling – perfect for a summer wedding. The cake itself contains a ‘Cut the Cake’ animation for couples and gives you a cake knife when you start to cut.

A cake table (see  image) is included. When the table is touched, your guests will receive a fork + piece of cake which includes an eating animation, allowing them to join in your celebration.

-Hanaya- Vintage Keepsake Boxes Set

 To complete our brand new Vintage Fair 2012 product release is a set of MESH Vintage Keepsake boxes with yummy scalloped edge lids, and a brass version of our popular chandelier. The keepsake boxes are also available individually.

-Hanaya- My Summer Romance Chandelier

So please come and visit us at the Vintage Fair on the Retro sim. The event opens today at 4 PM SLT.

Please note:
To reduce script limits at the Vintage Fair, we have made a fully functional display model of our new releases available for demoing at our in-world store (2nd floor furniture department).

New for Summer Days @ -Hanaya-

I know that the stuff I sell in my Second Life store is often inspired by my real life, and today’s new releases are no exception.

Even though the weather in Europe has been rather gloomy and cool, my tomato plants are doing well. I check on them every morning, coffee in hand, inspecting the size of the little green blobs and drooling at the thought of toasted tomato sandwiches, salads with grilled tomatoes, and yes, fried green tomatoes with our Sunday morning bacon and eggs. Yumm!

-Hanaya- Charlie Brown’s Bagged Tomato

My better half offered up the name for our cute Bagged Tomato plant – and on hearing it, I instantly agreed. A juicy, shiny, perfectly ripe tomato hangs from a non-tomato vine, begging to be harvested.

Planted in a vertical bag planter, it will hardly take up any room and is a cute edible decor item that can be attached to a garden or house wall, or a fence. Or how about growing it inside, right in your kitchen?

Eight prims, including shadows and copy, modify permissions as always with our products.

-Hanaya- Picnic Table + Benches with Lantern *

I am a nature girl from way back, so camping and hanging around outside is my thing.

The -Hanaya- Picnic Table comes with 2 benches, and contains 6 synchronized couple cuddle animations (3 for guys and 3 for girls). The animations are fully adjustable and are menu-driven.  The camp lantern adds a bit of gentle light on summer evenings.

The Bagged Tomato and Picnic Table set are on display on the main floor of our in-world store, where they are available for purchase. Or if you prefer, buy in our web store on the Second Life Marketplace.

O T H E R    N E W S

We are thrilled to announce that we are once again participating in Vintage Fair 2012. Lots of new stuff is currently in progress in our workshop and we can’t wait to show it to you guys!

The Vintage Fair starts on August 2nd (my real life birthday), and ends of August 29th. It promises to be a wonderful event, so please stay tuned for more information.

If you have stopped by our in-world store lately, you will have been greeted with a message about … ‘we are under construction, please excuse the mess’.
The mess is not over yet, but progress is being made.

First, we are installing a store teleport system, which will take you seamlessly to the 4 product areas:

  • Main Floor:                    Flowers + Plants
  • Second Floor:                Furniture Sets
  • Third Floor:                    Decor + Buildings
  • Outside at the rear:      Art Garden

Big thank you goes to my brother-in-law, Lance Corrimal, for scripting the system.

The customer service area on the main floor is currently being re-worked as well – to make room for our redelivery terminal and gift card system (coming soon I hope), and to tidy it up. We have also added lots of new plant life to decorate the gardens – look especially for the wonderfully detailed dragon flies near the creek.

Thanks for reading and have a happy weekend!

* Please note the shadows in the Picnic Table product image above are client-side.

More new releases for Home & Garden Expo

You have to love the WordPress function that allows you to schedule a blog post for delayed publishing. As you read this, I am on an internet/cell phone free vacation somewhere in Italy. Yay!

But I had to share some more brand new releases from –Hanaya- that are available at the Home & Garden Expo.

-HanayaMesh- Curved Bridge

I do a lot of custom work for store and home owners, and one thing I find is that many people like curved bridges and walkways that allow for extra interest as you move through the landscape. Our curved bridge is a building component that is part of our custom-landscape design portfolio, but it works well as a stand alone piece. The bridge itself is 4 prims, with a Land Impact of 15.

The piece is fully retexturable – it comes with a simple wood finish but can be modified with any wood texture you like. Talk to me if you need texturing assistance!

-HanayaMesh- MIA Floor Lamp

This lamp bears my name .. because it is a total replica (from memory) of my first lamp in my first apartment after I finished university. It is pretty and multi-functional – the glass shelves work great as a display area for a plant or a special item, and the lamp itself turns on/off by touch.

The set includes a low poly as well as high poly model for your convenience.

 -HanayaMesh- Snake Plant in Wrought Iron Clay Planter

A final piece I want to show you today is a brand new mesh Wrought Iron Clay Planter. We stuffed one of our snake plants in it, seeing as they can tolerate fairly dry soil and obviously this planter will not hold in much water 🙂

We hope you have time to visit all the awesome stores at the Home & Garden Expo, and that you will drop by and see us as well.

We are located at Dreamseeker Home Expo14 .

-Hanaya- new stuff @ Home & Garden Expo

My team and I are excited to be one of the exhibitors at this year’s Home & Garden Expo – a fabulous event which benefits Relay for Life.

We have been working hard to ensure that most of the products for sale at the Expo are brand new and exciting. Let me show you a few of them …

-HanayaMesh- Cowry Shell

The Cowry Shell is probably my favourite piece for the Home & Garden Expo. It is a 100% mesh 3-D sculpted piece that I hope will look great in your house, store or garden. Although I generally sell my art pieces as no-modify – this one is mod, so that you can size it to fit appropriately into your space.

-HanayaMesh- Miku Table & Chairs Set

I have to admit that I get teased about making primmy stuff. And I do, and will likely continue to do so. But for those of you who have come to appreciate the quality of the products from our store may like this simple table and chairs set. At only 5 prims / 5 Land Impact points for the whole set, even a prim-miser should be happy! The set is 100% mesh with baked textures, and includes chairs with menu-driven poses for guys and girls.

If you like this set, and have more prims available, you might like our Miku Modular Deck Set.

-Hanaya- Miku Modular Deck Set

The Miku Modular Deck Set includes the table and chairs described above, plus 5 types of deck building  blocks as shown in the image. The basic slatted and solid blocks are only 1 prim/1 LI each including shadows. The cacti building blocks vary in prim count, depending on the type. Our mesh salad bowl, based on a real life one in my pantry, holds colourful peppers to add a touch of tex-mex ambiance to your outdoor environment.

So come visit us at the Home & Garden Expo starting on May 19th – we are on Dreamseeker Home Expo14.

New Mesh Releases from -Hanaya-

Only five prims/five land impact points – perfect for prim savers or Linden Homes. And colourful.

These words best describe the mesh table and stools set, a new release from -Hanaya-, currently only available at the Culture Shock event. The stools contain a sequence of 3 PG poses for girls, and the whole set can be retextured and recoloured as you like.

-HanayaMesh- papillon atomique table + stools

And since the event is benefiting Médecins Sans Frontières, we have a whimsical little mesh item for you – the Jetsons Asparagus Garden.

-HanayaMesh- The Jetsons Asparagus Garden (100% charity item)

We stuck with our colour-scheme for the event, but also made the item texturable and re-colourable, so you can match it to your environment. So please stop by and visit our store on Purple Street now that the event is not so lagged, and grab a copy of our gift to you – the -HanayaMesh- Discohog.

The event runs until May 26th, 2012. Hope to see you there!