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New release from -Hanaya-

Just a quick post to announce our newest product – a sweet little birdhouse cottage complete with robins, tree stumps and a fountain.

-Hanaya- Forest Clearing Birdhouse Fountain [mesh]

-Hanaya- Forest Clearing Birdhouse Fountain [mesh]

Super detailed textures with materials, ripply water, bird song and trickling water sounds. Is that something that might fit well into your garden or forest setting?

If so, please visit -Hanaya- at Bright Haven sim, part of Fantasy Faire 2016 where it is on display.

-Hanaya- Donation Items for Fantasy Faire 2016

Fantasy Faire 2016 is open! Come visits us at Bright Haven and check out the -Hanaya- 100% donation items that benefit Relay for Life.

-Hanaya- Magical Second Life Scroll [mesh]

-Hanaya- Magical Second Life Scroll [mesh]

-Hanaya- Forest Clearing Vine Lantern Set [mesh]

-Hanaya- Forest Clearing Vine Lantern Set [mesh]

-Hanaya- Fantasy Hanging Basket [mesh]

-Hanaya- Fantasy Hanging Basket [mesh]

Enjoy your weekend and your visit to the Fairegrounds xo


-Hanaya- Forest Clearing Collection @ RFL Expo

The -Hanaya- team is excited to be participating in the Relay for Life Home & Garden Expo, an event that raises money for the American Cancer Society.

-Hanaya- Forest Clearing Gazebo [mesh]

-Hanaya- Forest Clearing Gazebo [mesh]

Part of the new collection is the Forest Clearing Gazebo – meticulously textured to fit in foresty, naturey environments. Land impact 14 at provided size of 5 x 5 x 6, which is big enough for a human sized table and 4 chairs.

-Hanaya- Forest Clearing Birdbath [mesh]

-Hanaya- Forest Clearing Birdbath [mesh]

The Forest Clearing Birdbath and Standing Vine Lantern are 100% donation items. So please stop by, and buy one of each – it’s a super good cause.

-Hanaya- Forest Clearing Standing Vine Lantern [mesh]

-Hanaya- Forest Clearing Standing Vine Lantern [mesh]

So pop by and visit us at the Expo, take part in some of the great music events, hit the gatchas and have fun!

Love at First Glance Proposal Venue from -Hanaya-

I am told I write way too much in my blog posts, so I will try to contain myself. I will say though, that I have been working on the Love at First Glance Proposal Venue for several months, so today is life giving birth to a baby — triplets in fact!

-Hanaya- Love at First Glance Proposal Venue [mesh]

-Hanaya- Love at First Glance Proposal Venue [mesh]

The idea with this is that you rez it out in a nice location, and with a few clicks you have a wonderful venue to pop the question to your love. Or if you are a public sim that caters to romance, you might want to offer a wonderful place for proposals for your visitors.

The base module consists of a romantic structure created from a round base with lace panels flowing from a domed cupola medallion. Gothic windows, pineapple finial and an extraordinary crystal chandelier complete the piece.


Love at First Glance contains 6 seamless, synchronized couple animations that can easily be adjusted for each avatar. The menu can be driven by either person, but the one doing the proposing sits first.

a view from above

a view from above

The other cool part of this is that the animations and additional decor elements are rezzed from the base module. So rez as many or few as you wish. The rezzing menu has security, so that the owner can set it up the way they like, and lock the stuff in place. Or set to group.

a visual menu chart to help you

a visual menu chart to help you (click to view on large please)

The -Hanaya- Love at First Glance Proposal Venue is making its debut at the 2016 RFL Home & Garden Expo, and is also on display at our in-world store and on the Second Life Marketplace. Come try the animations (with a friend) and grab a size demo if you like.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


NEW Christmas Releases from -Hanaya-

Only 22 more sleeps until Christmas! Santa’s elves have been working their little fingers to the bone at the -Hanaya- North Pole workshop. And all new releases are available at
the 2015 Second Life Christmas Expo.

-Hanaya- Amaryllis Windowbox

-Hanaya- Amaryllis Windowbox

-Hanaya- Festive December Greenhouse

-Hanaya- Festive December Greenhouse

A festive version of our popular greenhouse, all dressed up for the holidays. And if you already own one of our greenhouses – then just grab the add-ons pack.

-Hanaya- Festive December Decorations Add-On

-Hanaya- Festive December Decorations Add-On

These and all other recent releases are on display at -Hanaya- in-word store, are available on the Second Life Marketplace, as well as at the 2015 Second Life Christmas Expo. When you buy our stuff at the Expo, half of your purchase cost is donated to the American Cancer Society. So come visit -Hanaya- at the Frozen sim – the event starts today!

NEW -Hanaya- Ball Topiary Sets for Relay for Life

-Hanaya- is participating in the 2015 Second Life Christmas Expo, a fund raising event for the American Cancer Society. The event runs December 3 – 14, 2015. Along with the 2 exclusive new items only available at the Expo, we have a ton of other cute wintery and festive items there. And part (or all) of every purchase is donated to ACS:

-Hanaya- Frozen Ball Topiary Set

-Hanaya- Frozen Ball Topiary Set

The set includes four shape styles, and each style is provided in foliage only, with lights and with lights and bows. The lit versions can be turned on and off with a click. Use them alone or in pairs to frame a fireplace or front entrance. Or group them for extra impact. Land impact varies from 5 – 9 PE.

-Hanaya- Ball Topiary Set [mesh]

-Hanaya- Ball Topiary Set

Ball topiary is a style of grafting and pruning that was made popular in formal Victorian gardens. Made from boxwood, the leaves are a deep green colour and contrast well with the antique crackled finish of the octagon-shaped planters.


NEW -Hanaya- Summer Cocktails Gatcha

I love cocktails – summery, bright, yummy cocktails. Don’t you?

So when I was trying to come up with the perfect set of goodies for the second annual
Miyagawacho Gacha fair, summery drinks seemed appropriate. Especially since the theme is summer.

-Hanaya- Summer Cocktails GATCHA

-Hanaya- Summer Cocktails GATCHA

The -Hanaya- Summer Cocktails gatcha set consist of 9 cute cocktails, which attach to your avatar and include a drink animation. The rare is a sumptious wood tray drinks dispenser loaded with fruit. When you wear the tray, your friends can click to get random drinks. The tray can also be rezzed out for use. Both the tray and all the cocktails are mesh.

-Hanaya- Summer Ccktails Serving Tray Drinks Dispenser RARE

-Hanaya- Summer Cocktails Serving Tray Drinks Dispenser RARE

The fair is being held at the beautiful Hanafusa Okiya for three weeks from August 1st to 22nd, 2015. Here is the landmark to the location: Miyagawacho Gacha Fair at Hanafusa Okiya

Have fun!


-Hanaya- and the Beached Bunny Hunt 4

Summer is coming, and with it, the 4th annual Beached Bunny Hunt. A very well organized event by Allie Munro of Grumble, the hunt features 20 sponsors and a total of 58 designers.

We decided to make an exclusive, brand new item for this event –
the Pelee Island Beach Chair. The event starts on June 1st.

-Hanaya- Pelee Island Beach Chair [mesh] HUNT GIFT Image

-Hanaya- Pelee Island Beach Chair [mesh] HUNT GIFT

The beach chair is a brand new, original mesh designed and created by our own Moriko. The chair is 2 li, has materials textures and includes 6 animations, which are custom-fitted to the chair. Three anims for guys and three for girls, which are accessible via a menu.

-Hanaya- White Anthurium Trio

-Hanaya- White Anthurium Trio SPONSOR GIFT

If you get to the end of the hunt, you will also be eligible to participate in a mini-hunt for gifts from the hunt’s sponsors. Our sponsor gift is a lovely trio of white anthuriums.

The Beached Bunny Hunt 4 starts on June 1 and runs until June 15, 2014.
-Hanaya- is store number 6, and our hunt hint is:

“What’s a greenhouse without a sink and buckets of water?”

So please come and visit -Hanaya- during the hunt, look for these goodies and maybe check out our nature walk for some cute kawaii art.

-Hanaya- @ Funny Puppet Fair

The Funny Puppet Fair 2014 officially opens at 3 PM SLT today, and there is tons of fun stuff waiting for you!

Shops, a street market and 2 dedicated Gatcha areas inspired by robots, puppets and toys. And that’s not all! Each store is participating in the Funny Puppet Fair Village hunt. Look for a teeny weeny little star in each shop for a wonderful hunt item (cost 1L).

-Hanaya- Miumiu Wiggletail [mesh]

-Hanaya- Miumiu Wiggletail [mesh] EXCLUSIVE fpf hunt gift

Our contribution to the hunt is an adorable plush attachable toy. And if Miumiu likes to be held by you, the tail will wiggle in all sorts of kawaii ways. Or rez it out – it is 5 LI.

HUNT HINT: “Lovely gifts will come your way when you join our store group.”

And keeping with the robot/puppet/toy theme, guess what?

The robopets are back! Reincarnated from their previous exclusive appearance at the Cinema event, they have been re-engineered as adorable wearables. All 5 are only available at the Funny Puppet Fair event.

-Hanaya- Go-Tan Robopet [mesh]

-Hanaya- Go-Tan Robopet [mesh]

-Hanaya- Sansan-san Robopet [mesh]

-Hanaya- Sansan-san Robopet [mesh]

To see the rest of the robopets, come and shop at our store at the Funny Puppet Fair between May 11 – 25, 2014.

SLURL to the event

FPF- MAP hanaya

See you there <3


-Hanaya- exclusive mesh for Cotton Candy Hunt

The sugary sweet Cotton Candy Hunt starts today, and -Hanaya- is participating.

-Hanaya- in summer fields headpiece [mesh]

-Hanaya- in summer fields headpiece [mesh] HUNT GIFT

Faun horns encrusted with gems and wrapped in ivy are adorned with exquisitely detailed early summer blooms – a 100% mesh wearable accessory. Like it?

Stop by -Hanaya- in-world store during the duration of the hunt (May 4 – 31) and get your own copy. Please note that hunt gifts in this hunt cost 2 L.

We are store #98 (yes, joined quite late), and our hunt hint is:

Horses like cotton candy too!

Vendor art background courtesy of the Getty Open Content Program
‘Landscape with Allegories of the Four Elements, Jan Brueghel the Younger, Frans Francken II’