Monthly Archives: February 2017

-Hanaya- Forever Nature Gazebo

Are you looking to bring serenity and nature into your garden? Our hexagon shaped gazebo creates a lovely seating area and brings serenity into your space.

Crafted from unpeeled wood logs, sinuous branches wind their way around the structure adding warmth and interest. The cracked concrete steps and base add to its rustic appeal.

-Hanaya- Forever Nature Gazebo [mesh]

In the package, you will find 5 separate objects. The gazebo is provided in 2 types – with one set of stairs and with 2. Both have a land impact of 30 PE.

With the optional lights/floor snow linked, each gazebo is 34 li.
Also included is just the set of lights and floor shadow.

-Hanaya- Backyard Birds Set

In real life, I really enjoy feeding birds and watching them go about their busy life.  In my SLife, our home sim is full of chirping, tweeting and fluttery wings. So I thought I would bring out a collection of birds you can expect to see at your bird feeder. If you live on the Eastern seaboard of the US or Canada that is.

-Hanaya- Backyard Birds Set

The -Hanaya- Backyard Birds Set includes 9 individual birds, each with their own appropriate bird song. Thanks to Lance Corrimal, my heroic helper/scripter for the sounds.

The birds are provided separately and are clickable for sound on/off. Also, the set includes a log with all of them linked to it, including a plate of bird seed. The linked set has a land impact of 13, and each bird separately is either 1 or 2 li.


-Hanaya- Backyard Birds Bench

Part of the -Hanaya- Backyard Birds collection is a cute bench which features stencils of North American birds generally found on the Eastern seaboard. The bench, with 2 pillows, and a seed sack with a chickadee has a land impact of 6 pe. Also included in the set is a sparrow and a mourning dove with bird song.

-Hanaya- Backyard Birds Bench [mesh]

In the animations menu, you will find you can do a birding crossword puzzle, read a birding guide and of course, you can feed the birds 🙂 Other animations are PG so the bench is suitable for public areas.

The bench contains 11 single animations and 6 synchronized couple animations.