NEW -Hanaya- Frozen Victorian Fountain

New from -Hanaya- for winter 2015 / 2016, the Frozen Victorian Fountain.

The winter version of our classic three tier fountain is a stunning water feature for residences and commercial areas, which adds an elegant touch of winter. Flash-frozen water seems to bubble from the top finial, caught in the act of trickling over scalloped tiers. The fountain’s wavy rims have divots to direct thin streams of water to the tiers below.

-Hanaya- Frozen Victorian Fountain

-Hanaya- Frozen Victorian Fountain

Presented in carved stone, the fountain’s finish gives it a realistically aged appearance.
Its beautiful design conveys warm natural stone highlights and shading in subtle organic tones as it stands on an octagon shaped pebble base with a drift of snow.

If you like, enable Advanced Lighting in your Graphics settings to see the fountain’s textures in 3-D quality. At the provided size of 2 x 2 x 2 meters, the land impact is 10 PE.


The -Hanaya- Frozen Victorian Fountain is currently on display and available for purchase at -Hanaya- inworld store and on the Second Life Marketplace. Eligible for inworld VIP group discount of 20% – please wear your tag!


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