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New -Hanaya- Illuminated Branches

It finally snowed in our town today, so decorating for winter and Christmas is
truly on! Jingle bells, jingle bells …

-Hanaya- Illuminated Branches [mesh]

-Hanaya- Illuminated Branches [mesh]

The -Hanaya- Illuminated Branches are only 1 or 2 li at provided size and are really cheerful. Three stencilled seasonal motifs on each barrel. And they are mod (and unscripted), so you can change the colour of the lights just by editing and tinting.

Available at -Hanaya- inworld store and on the Second Life Marketplace.
And just a quick reminder – the -Hanaya- VIP group is still free to join, so do it!

-Hanaya- New Group & New Gift

Please note that the -Hanaya- group for VIPs is changing.
After 5 years with the old name – it’s time.
The new group is free to join November 23 – 30, 2015.
And there is a new group gift

Click here to open the group profile -Hanaya- VIP Group.

-Hanaya- Thanksgiving Cards Decoration GROUP GIFT

-Hanaya- Thanksgiving Cards Decoration -Hanaya- VIP Group GIFT (new group – free to join this week)

New group - free to join Nov 23 - 31

New group – free to join Nov 23 – 31

The gift has been sent out on the new group, so grab it from the notices or visit us in-world.


NEW -Hanaya- Frozen Victorian Fountain

New from -Hanaya- for winter 2015 / 2016, the Frozen Victorian Fountain.

The winter version of our classic three tier fountain is a stunning water feature for residences and commercial areas, which adds an elegant touch of winter. Flash-frozen water seems to bubble from the top finial, caught in the act of trickling over scalloped tiers. The fountain’s wavy rims have divots to direct thin streams of water to the tiers below.

-Hanaya- Frozen Victorian Fountain

-Hanaya- Frozen Victorian Fountain

Presented in carved stone, the fountain’s finish gives it a realistically aged appearance.
Its beautiful design conveys warm natural stone highlights and shading in subtle organic tones as it stands on an octagon shaped pebble base with a drift of snow.

If you like, enable Advanced Lighting in your Graphics settings to see the fountain’s textures in 3-D quality. At the provided size of 2 x 2 x 2 meters, the land impact is 10 PE.


The -Hanaya- Frozen Victorian Fountain is currently on display and available for purchase at -Hanaya- inworld store and on the Second Life Marketplace. Eligible for inworld VIP group discount of 20% – please wear your tag!


New -Hanaya- Snowy Night Divider

The Snowy Night Divider with animated snow is brand new from -Hanaya- for your winter
decorating needs. The 3 panel screen will act as a piece of art, while also providing a way to
create private cozy spaces in your home.

-Hanaya- Snowy Night Divider

-Hanaya- Snowy Night Divider

The front features a peaceful county winter scene while the back has simple falling snow.
Land impact at the provided size is 4 PE. The animated gif below has a bit of an interruption but he actual product animation is a neverending seamless loop. Please come see it in-store.

animated gif - winter screen

The Snowy Night Divider is currently on display and available for purchase at -Hanaya- inworld store and on the Second Life Marketplace.

NEW -Hanaya- Frosty Rustic Garden Set + Group Gift

Lately, the foggy cool weather in Germany and the UK has made me think of cold frosty mornings. It’s time to think about decorating for winter!

-Hanaya- Frosty Rustic Garden Set [mesh]

-Hanaya- Frosty Rustic Garden Set [mesh]

Our Frosty Rustic Garden Set consists of 2 types of chair, a little round table and a vase with wintery branches. Each chair has different animations (a total of 8 in the set), and they are sized for girls and guys. As always, the stuff is copy/modify, so decorate to your heart’s content. If you like, remove the icicles when the weather warms up.

-Hanaya- Frosty Long Island Gazebo [mesh]

-Hanaya- Frosty Long Island Gazebo [mesh]

The -Hanaya- Frosty Long Island Gazebo is a snowy version of our popular summertime product. With frosty shingles, icicles and snow drift, it makes a pretty accent in a snowy landscape. At 5 x 5 meters, it will fit a round table and 4 chairs, or the equivalent.

Both the Frosty Rustic Garden Set and the Frosty Long Island Gazebo are on display and available for purchase at -Hanaya- inworld store and on the Second Life Marketplace.

It’s been awhile since we had a new group gift for our -Hanaya- VIP group. So a group gift version is now available in group notices as well as in the Customer Service area of our in-world store. Please wear your group tag to get it!