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-Hanaya- Frosty Wreath Carriage Lantern

Here in Germany, we had our first frost, so it seemed appropriate to introduce our first product of the winter season – the Frosty Wreath Carriage Lantern.

-Hanaya- Frosty Wreath Carriage Lantern [mesh]

-Hanaya- Frosty Wreath Carriage Lantern [mesh]

A super-detailed twiggy wreath with red berries showcases an old fashioned carriage lantern with icicles. The lantern with its verdigris finish and antique glass has a land impact of 6 PE at provided size.

Available for purchase on the Second Life Marketplace or at -Hanaya- in-world store, where you can see it on display. Don’t forget to wear our VIP store group tag for a 20% discount!