Monthly Archives: June 2015

-Hanaya- Summer Living

Today, we would like to feature the brand new -Hanaya- Wicker Garden Dining Set.
Super low land impact with materials – the table and chairs are only 2 li each. The set is on display at -Hanaya- in-world store and can also be purchased on the Second Life Marketplace.

-Hanaya- Wicker Garden Dining Set [mesh]

-Hanaya- Wicker Garden Dining Set [mesh]

The set consists of a glass topped wicker table, 4 different types of chairs and place settings, wicker ball lamps in 3 sizes and 2 optional patio bases. All items are copy so rez whatever you need.

The chairs have menu-driven poses divided into Girls and Guys. There are a total of 8 animations in each chair. The chairs rez wearable mesh props, which attach to your avatar on permission. Access security can be set in the chair menu. The place settings can also be clicked to get a folder with the props. The wicker ball lamps, which are provided in 3 sizes, include a scripted candle. To turn the candles on/off, zoom in and click the top of the candle wick.

-Hanaya- Wildflower Stepping Stones

-Hanaya- Wildflower Stepping Stones GROUP GIFT

Also new are the -Hanaya- Wildflower Stepping Stones and -Hanaya- Wildflower Plaques. Both are available on the Second Life Marketplace, and the stepping stones are also the current group gift for our VIP group. The gift has been sent out on the group (check notices), and is also available in the customer service area of our in-world store. Please activate your group tag and simply click the group gift vendor.

 N E W S

If you guys are part of one of our groups, you will have read earlier this month that we made some changes to our in-world store. For the last 5 years, we owned 90% of a full region on mainland – with our store in the sky, and a public parkland and our home at ground level.

Having finally got tired of having to screen out unsightly neighbours, we decided to let most of the sim go, and have relocated our home and my store workshop to a sim on a private estate. Yeah, it’s a homestead – I really miss having 14,000+ prims to play with!!

Anyway, we kept a smallish parcel at the -Hanaya- store location (the store landmark has not changed), and the store is up and running again. It is smaller of course, so we will only be having the newest products rezzed out, with balance of selected products in wall vendors.

So stop by and visit 🙂