Lessons Learned @ Home and Garden Expo

As some of you know I was planning to be in this year’s Second Life Home and Garden Expo.

And I was really looking forward to it too. Not just because I like making the kind of things that will be on sale there, but also because it benefits a cause that I am passionate about, since I am a cancer survivor.

To make it short; I won’t be there.

Here’s why:

I had bought some full perm mesh farm animals from a store called Just Animals on the Second Life Marketplace and I had used them in a product which was to be part of the Gatcha @ Expo program to benefit Relay for Life. It turns out that it is possible that the original source of these full perm meshes may be a service called Turbosquid, where full perm meshes are sold for dollars.

The first I heard of Turbosquid, is when a coalesced object of more than 1300 prims was returned to my Lost and Found folder, immediately followed by being ejected and banned from the Expo sims without notice.

I was really upset – who wouldn’t be. But after a sleepless night, I am trying to look on the positive side of this thing. And these are the important points to me arising from the mess.

  1. I am glad that the organizers of the Expo are diligent about potential IP theft. I wish more event organizers were as thorough.
  2. I will be very cautious if I buy full perm meshes on the Second Life Marketplace or at any in-world store.
  3. And last, and most important to me, is that I will buckle down and devote time to learning 3D modelling properly. It’s long overdue.

So I will be taking time off from -Hanaya- to go back to 3D modelling school.

Building in-world and using mesh exporting tools like I have been doing is just not good enough.

So …

The -Hanaya- Subscribe-o-matic group and in-world store groups will be closed at the end of September.  I will be scaling down the in-world store in the next few weeks – likely turn it into a little park with only a handfull of my products that I am really proud of.

-Hanaya- Home and Garden Expo

I took this snap of my store at Home Expo 6 before my stuff got returned.
It was pretty 🙁



8 thoughts on “Lessons Learned @ Home and Garden Expo

  1. Fairweather Sorbet

    I’m so sorry this happened to you, Moriko! Thank you for all the lovely gifts and a store I returned to again and again. Please return soon!

  2. Fallon Darling

    Oh Moriko, I’m so saddened to hear about this as well. I will watch this space for your coming back. You make such lovely items and have has such a beautiful place to walk through. I have always enjoyed visiting. I wish you the very best in your classes, I am sure you will be a top student!

    1. Moriko Inshan Post author

      Fallon – thank you for your kind words, they mean a lot to me. I will post here about my progress, and maybe even indulge in blogging just for the sake of blogging – not advertising products 🙂

  3. Melissa

    Moriko– I am so sad to hear about this .

    How were the Expo people able to look inside all these items and know ** beyond a shadow of a doubt ** *that there were no open source elements?

    You legally BOUGHT the items on a Linden site . How do they know the textures did not have an open source CC source ? Did they look at all the maps etc?

    Why doesn’t the Turbo Squid artist do a take down order? Or do the Home Expo people have that power now? No need to answer– I am ranting.

    As you are, I am against stolen content, but items bought in good faith on a Linden site and without a DMCA should be handled by the legal system.

    Same legal system you could use to sue them for intentional infliction of emotional distress .

    Or at the VERY least you should have been treated like a person. Not banned evicted ejected prims returned like you had rezzed stolen Xcite items.

    They must know stress is bad for people let alone cancer survivors. To have behaved like this is beyond the pale IMO. Shame on them. Repeat: SHAME ON THEM

    You found lemonade in this bowl of lemons. And my hat is off to you. You have more class in your pinkie then they do in 9 sims.

    1. Moriko Inshan Post author

      Melissa – thank you for your words of support.

      Many others have messaged me with similar concerns about how this was handled by the Expo organizers.

      The Expo team made their decision based on a product image for an animal farm gatcha that I had submitted for inclusion in their Shopping Guide on the web.

      The whole thing is rather ironic, because during the set-up process for the event, I had substituted a brand new gatcha product, which I had just finished but for which it was too late to submit the image for inclusion on the Shopping Guide. So the farm animals were not even at the event.

      All I know is that it shocked and saddened me beyond belief. But I am ok now.

  4. SeleneStarflare

    I’m sorry this happened to you. I really wish that the expo would have handled this more tactfully rather than putting more stress on you and no explanation. It is awesome to see the positivity and silver lining you have found through this unfortunate event. I’m saddened to hear that for the time being your sore week nee down but definitely looking forward to you bringing it back. You are definitely an inspiration.


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