May Group Gift from -Hanaya-

Don’t you adore the scent of lilacs? When I smell a lilac in bloom, I am immediately transported to the streets of my childhood, feeling the excitement late spring and the promises of carefree summers.

-Hanaya- Spring is Here [mesh]

-Hanaya- Spring is Here Group Gift

A colourful little bucket holds three sprigs of lilac blossom, and comes in 4 colours. The gift has been sent out on the -Hanaya- Yummy Collectibles in-world group, and will also remain available in the Customer Service area of our store during the month of May.

Not a member of the group? -Hanaya- Spring is Here will be available for sale starting in June 2014 both in-world as well as on the Second Life Marketplace.


And speaking of May, we will be participating in 2 events – the Cotton Candy Hunt, and Funny Puppet Fair. More news on the gifts for both events, as well as kawaii products for the fair coming soon 🙂

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