Sail Away with -Hanaya-

Sailing in Second Life is something that my partner and I do often. So it seemed natural to make a home decor product to bring sailing inside. With a land impact of only 1
for both sailboats, this original mesh creation from -Hanaya- is too cute to resist.

-Hanaya- Sail Away

-Hanaya- Sail Away [mesh]

An optional display base with gently rippling ocean water is included, and with the sailboats attached to it, makes the whole piece only 2 LI.

sail 1

-Hanaya- Sail Away with optional display base

Sail Away is available for purchase at -Hanaya- in-world store, and on the Second Life Marketplace. If you belong to our VIP group and purchase in-world, wear your tag to receive the group discount.

And have fun sailing!

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