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Sail Away with -Hanaya-

Sailing in Second Life is something that my partner and I do often. So it seemed natural to make a home decor product to bring sailing inside. With a land impact of only 1
for both sailboats, this original mesh creation from -Hanaya- is too cute to resist.

-Hanaya- Sail Away

-Hanaya- Sail Away [mesh]

An optional display base with gently rippling ocean water is included, and with the sailboats attached to it, makes the whole piece only 2 LI.

sail 1

-Hanaya- Sail Away with optional display base

Sail Away is available for purchase at -Hanaya- in-world store, and on the Second Life Marketplace. If you belong to our VIP group and purchase in-world, wear your tag to receive the group discount.

And have fun sailing!

April is the month of flowers @ -Hanaya-

I guess you guys know I am majorly into gardening in real life, and that I am a transplanted Canadian who now lives in the mild climate of southern Germany. Having it actually be warm enough to plant out annual flower seedlings outside at the beginning of April is something that I still treasure, despite living here for almost 6 years. Especially when I can gloat about the weather to my Canadian friends and family.

Anyway … I have three new flower products out today. And all are gifts.

-Hanaya- Bowl Full of Roses GROUP GIFT

-Hanaya- Bowl Full of Roses

First up is the April group gift for my sweet customers in the VIP group. A bowl of gently rippling water holds 3 perfect floating roses, and scattered rose petals. The package contains 3 versions – with more or less petals. A mesh product with sculpted petals – brand new for April 2014. The gift was sent out on the group today, and will remain available at -Hanaya- in-world store for the month of April.

And to complement that, is the next gift –

-Hanaya- Floating Roses

-Hanaya- Floating Mesh Roses

These precious little mesh roses are the our hunt gift for the Evil Bunny Hunt. They contain a script that makes them gently rotate at random speeds and direction. Use them either on Linden Water or prim water. And since they are only 1 LI, put out a bunch of them – that creates the best effect!

-Hanaya- French Country Mixed Bouquet

-Hanaya- French Country Mixed Bouquet

-Hanaya- is also one of the sponsors of the Evil Bunny Hunt, which means that if you finish the hunt and get to the very end, you will find lots of golden eggs hidden in a forest to reward you. And one of them is our French Country Mixed Bouquet – a brand new release especially for this event.

We are store number 5 in the hunt, and our hint is:

if pigs could fly
and roosters lay eggs
on the moon we’d make bacon omelletes

So join me in getting into the spirit of spring – with flowers 🙂