Spring Gifts for Hunters + Subscribers from -Hanaya-

I have spring fever! So, here are a couple of gifts …

First, a gift for all our sweet customers in both our in-world groups as well as
Subscribe-O-Matic. It is a wearable mesh flower with fluttering butterflies. Packaged in 5 ice-creamy colours, each includes a holding pose for the left hand. If you miss the initial inventory offer, pop by the store and get it from the Subscribe-O history, or from group notices.

-Hanaya- Butterfly Flowers

-Hanaya- Butterfly Flowers GROUP + SUBSCRIBE-O GIFT

Second, we are participating in the Spring Market and Umbrella Hunt at the Old Europe sim. We have a cute little cart set up with spring products, and a super-low li table and chairs (see image below). The gift is easy to find, just look for the umbrella leaning against our cart. But watch your step – the place is pretty laggy.

-Hanaya- XIO Table and Chairs

-Hanaya- XIO Table and Chairs UMBRELLA HUNT GIFT

Also, if you haven’t already, stop by -Hanaya- in-world and grab our hunt gifts for the HomeStuff and World Tour hunts, which both end tomorrow.

More news on gifts follows in a day or two. Stay tuned for the pic of our monthly -Hanaya- VIP group gift for April, as well as the hunt gift for the Evil Bunny Hunt, which starts on April 1st.


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