NEW -Hanaya- Pharos Mesh Garden Lanterns

Brand new from -Hanaya- for your spring landscaping needs – we bring you original mesh garden lanterns created in our workshop.

Designed to perform double duty as focus points and gentle lighting, our lanterns will harmonize with many different styles of plantings.

-Hanaya- Pharos Fieldstone Garden Lantern

-Hanaya- Pharos Fieldstone Garden Lantern [mesh]

The lanterns are available in 5 different designs, and each pack includes a tall and short lantern with copy/modify permissions. Super detailed, with 3-D multiple layer materials textures and Land Impact of 2.

-Hanaya- Pharos Concrete Garden Lantern

-Hanaya- Pharos Concrete Garden Lantern [mesh]

Architectural hardscape elements like our garden lanterns bring cohesion and vertical points of interest to your landscape and can be placed to lead the eye in a direction that is particularly interesting.

-Hanaya- Pharos Brick Garden Lantern

-Hanaya- Pharos Brick Garden Lantern [mesh]

The lanterns contain a low lag script that casts a gentle light. Simply touch to activate and cycle through different levels of intensity. Or if you prefer, you may remove the script without damaging the unit. Keep a back up in case you change your mind.

-Hanaya- Pharos Stone Garden Lantern

-Hanaya- Pharos Stone Garden Lantern [mesh]

Whether it is weathered stone, brick, plaster, concrete or fieldstone, all the Pharos garden lanterns are original designs with a meticulously textured finish. To get the best experience from the 3-D layered Materials, activate the Advanced Lighting Model in Preferences, Graphics Settings.

-Hanaya- Pharos Plaster Garden Lantern

-Hanaya- Pharos Plaster Garden Lantern [mesh]

We found that the lanterns are particularly effective when placed along a pathway, creating continuity and gently drawing your eye forward as you walk.

-Hanaya- Pharos Mesh Garden Lantern Collection

-Hanaya- Pharos Mesh Garden Lantern Collection

Can’t decide which you like the best? Get all 5 styles in the collection and save.

All -Hanaya- Pharos Mesh Garden Lanterns are now on display and available for purchase at our in-world store, as well as on the Second Life Marketplace and PrimBay.

Enjoy and have an awesome weekend!

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