-Hanaya- Lady Slipper Orchid Collection + GATCHA

A walk through the woods
Pungent earthy mossy smells
Birds cheeping

In a clearing, beneath ancient pines, lady slipper orchids sway gently in the spring breeze.

-Hanaya- Lady Slipper Gatcha

-Hanaya- Lady Slipper Orchids GATCHA

Meticulously crafted and textured, each individual plant is lovingly placed into colour co-ordinated pots, or stuffed into the lovely piece of driftwood. A perfect little collectible to share with your friends. And for those who want a copy/mod version, here is the complete collection.

-Hanaya- Lady Slipper Orchid Collection [mesh]

-Hanaya- Lady Slippper Orchid Collection

Our lady slipper orchids and containers are 100% mesh, with a Land Impact of 6 – 13 (depending on complexity). Currently on display at -Hanaya- in-world location, and available for purchase on the Second Life Marketplace and PrimBay.

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