-Hanaya- Mesh Cedar Greenhouse

A new release we are really proud of – materials and low land impact. YAY!

Our brand new Mesh Cedar Greenhouse is a 100% original handmade mesh creation made in our shop. The textures comprise of 3 layers to provide a superior look and to take advantage of Materials in current Linden Lab and TPV viewers.

And the best part – the entire greenhouse is only 9 LI with a foot print of 10 x 10 meters.

-Hanaya- Mesh Cedar Greenhouse

-Hanaya- Mesh Cedar Greenhouse

Other features include opening/closing doors, with optional security and greeting message. To enable these optional features, first make sure you have a backup copy of the greenhouse. Then rez it, edit linked parts and select one of the doors. In the content tab is a notecard called ‘door setup’. Follow the instructions in the notecard to set up group or individual keyhold access, as well as a custom greeting message. Repeat the process for the other door. We do not recommend you unlink the doors.

Now available for purchase on the Second Life Marketplace, -Hanaya- in-world store or PrimBay.

And coming soon, a texture change version with 2 options for each of the 4 seasons. Fitted greenhouse shelving will also be available in the next week or so. For a sneak peek, take a look inside the demo greenhouse that is on display at -Hanaya- in-world.

During the month February, March and April 2014, the greenhouse is on display at -Hanaya- in-world store. Eligible for our VIP group members discount, and purchaseable as gift or via -Hanaya- Gift Card.

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