-Hanaya- brings you love + happiness

Just in time for Valentine’s Day 2014, we are happy to present our newest flower bouquet – red and pink wearable mesh roses.

-Hanaya- Red Roses Mean Love

-Hanaya- Red Roses mean Love

Both of the mesh bouquets include a wearable version with pose (as in the image below), as well as a display version. Permissions are no copy/modify/transfer, so you can hand deliver them in-world.

red roses

Both bouquets also include a cute mesh gift bag with card, which is also tranfer/modify. So if you wish, you can add other goodies inside the bag, and rename it before giving to your special person in-world.

-Hanaya- Pink Roses Mean Happiness

-Hanaya- Pink Roses mean Happiness

-Hanaya- Red Roses mean Love, and Pink Roses mean Happiness are now available for purchase at our in-world store, as well as the Second Life Marketplace and PrimBay. In-world purchases are eligible for our VIP group discount – just make sure you wear your group before buying.

Still not sure what to get? Why not a -Hanaya- Gift Card available in 6 different denominations starting at only 100 $L

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