December -Hanaya- VIP Group Gift

I am almost shocked, that what with taking a 6 month long break, we still have loyal friends and customers in our store VIP group. Thank you so much for all your IMs welcoming me back to being active in the store again.

To show our appreciation, I thought instead of the usual monthly group gift, we would give away transferable L$ 500 gift cards, so you guys can get whatever you want in the store. Or re-gift the gift card to someone on your friends list.

-Hanaya- VIP Group December Gift for vendor

To claim and use your gift card, please do the following:

  1. TP to our store, and look for the group-only vendor in the Customer Information area
  2. Activate your -Hanaya- Yummy Collectibles group
  3. Click the group-only vendor and accept delivery
  4. Unpack the boxed card at home, come back to the store and add/wear the gift card
  5. Follow instructions on the HUD or read the included note card
  6. Shop!

Please note that these special group-gift gift cards are limited to one per person, since they are transfer. I don’t want to encourage greedy little piggies, what with Christmas overeating coming … right?

Oh, and there is a sort-of-new product out as well – a mesh remake of our popular Pine Wreath with Candle – that a bunch of you mesh-only addicts asked for. More meshy goodness coming in the New Year.

-HanayaMesh- Mesh Pine Wreath with Candle for Flickr

 -Hanaya- Mesh Pine Wreath with Candle

So please pop by, check out the new store (your old landmark still works btw), and grab the gift and whatever else strikes you as needful ^.^

Be happy and stay safe.


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