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New spring releases from -Hanaya-

Now that spring is almost here, the team from -Hanaya- is happy to bring you
the first pieces of our Spring 2013 collection.

-HanayaMesh- Victorian Obelisk Trellis

 -Hanaya- Victorian Obelisk Trellis

First up is our Victorian Obelisk Trellis, which is suitable for indoors as well as your terrace, patio or garden. The piece is a handcrafted, original mesh created in our workshop and topped with a sculpted finial. The trellis itself is made from wrought iron and finished in a graphite powder coat. The base with its raised panel-work is made of teak, and has a black laquer finish.

The product is provided in several styles and has a land impact of 12.

-Hanaya- A Fine Day Garden Bench Image

-Hanaya- A Fine Day Garden Bench

Next up is a natural teak mesh garden bench * with 6 menu-driven animations for 2 people. It is suitable for both home as well as public spaces, since the animations are PG and are not couple-oriented. Three types of the bench are included in your purchase – the bench itself, as well as models which have the daisies and European Robin embellishments.

Both of these new releases are on display at -Hanaya- in-world store, and are available for purchase there, as well as on the Second Life Marketplace.

* Do you like the bench, but want a different finish? Or do you want couple animations?
  A texture-change couples version of this bench will be available for purchase in the coming days.

-Hanaya- February Group Gift

A Valentine’s inspired group gift is now out at -Hanaya-.

Create some romance with our Call Me Sweetheart Couch and Chair the shiny white lacquer finish of the set is enhanced by a nubby linen upholstery fabric in hues of pink, peach and lavender. Pink roses, babies breath and ivy embellish the vintage frame, adding an old-world romantic feel.

The set includes 16 menu-driven animations (12 in the 3-seater couch, and 4 in the chair), so no icky pose balls. And the furniture is copy, modify – like most our products, so rez as many as you wish and modify textures or size as needed. Don’t want the floor shadow?
Make it 100% transparent.

-Hanaya- Call Me Sweetheart Set

-Hanaya- Call Me Sweetheart Set GROUP GIFT

The gift was sent out on the -Hanaya- Yummy Collectibles in-world group today (12 February 2013). If you missed yours, either get it from group notices or stop by our in-world store. The gift will remain available to group members in the Customer Service area until the end of February.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

New Valentine’s Day 2013 Collection @ -Hanaya-

Roses are red
chocolate is sweet
we want you to know
we have new stuff to eat.

I could not resist paraphrasing this old silly poem, before showing you a bunch of brand new products from -Hanaya-, just in time for your shopping for your sweet Valentine.

-Hanaya- Sweetheart Chocolates

-Hanaya- Sweetheart Pralines

First up, and also my favourite, is a luscious box of adorable mesh pralines that will literally cause your sweetheart to reach out to their monitor to try to pluck one from its box and eat it. Embellished with a curly ribbon and a gift tag, it is 15 LI of sweet goodness.

Want only a few? Try your luck playing our Sweetheart Pralines Gatcha.
Each delicious bite is 15 Lindens each and includes an eating animation. With extra luck, you can get the rare item – the box to put the yummies in.

-Hanaya- Love You Photo Frame

-Hanaya- Love You Photo Frame

Want to give your sweetheart something to which you can add your personal touch? Our Love You Photo Frame might be just the thing. To add your own photo, simply select the white heart insert area within the frame in edit, and add a photo from your inventory. Land Impact of 7 including the mesh frame, curly ribbon and sculpted rose.

-Hanaya- Let our Love Shine

-Hanaya- Let Our Love Shine

My personal favourite activity on Valentine’s Day, in both real life as well as Second Life, is dancing.  For our newest product, Let our Love Shine, is a romantic couple animation set, which includes synchronized couple animations that are accessed via a simple AVsitter menu (that means no pose balls). Choose from 2 couple animations – Gentle Kisses and Slow Dancing, and a static couple Photo Pose that lets you capture a still photo of your special Valentine’s moment.

The animations and poses are contained in a rose petal base, which is embellished with sculpted rose leaves and buds. Three ball-shaped candles are positioned to cast a gentle romantic glow.

-Hanaya- Single Red Rose in Bud Vase

-Hanaya- Single Red Rose in Bud Vase

Last but not least, is a simple sculpted long-stemmed rose in a bud vase – just right for that small space in your home.

All of the new -Hanaya- Valentine’s Day 2013 Collection is available for sale at -Hanaya- in-world store as well as our web store on the Second Life Marketplace.