-Hanaya- January Group Gift

The -Hanaya- team is back from a refreshing holiday break, ready for a great new year.
And to start the year off right, we bring you a cute little January 2013 group gift.

-HanayaMesh- Best Loved Fairy Tales

-Hanaya- Best Loved Fairytales (Winter) Group Gift

When you were little, did you ever imagine that you could shrink down and walk into the pages of your favourite fairy tale? Do you remember the wondrous illustrations of adorable little old-world cottages set in a clearing in the woods, with welcoming lights at the windows beckoning you to come inside?

This month’s group gift for the members of the -Hanaya- Yummy Collectibles in-world group is a whimsical tabletop scene* inspired by darling houses from fairy tales like Cendrillon, Tom Thumb the Little and Princezna se Zlatou Hvězdou.

-Hanaya- Best Loved Fairytales (Winter) is a lovingly created and textured blend of mesh and sculpted elements, which can be placed on an existing table, or used with its complementary driftwood stand. And don’t forget the ladder, so your littles can have access when you are sleeping.

The gift was sent out on the -Hanaya- Yummy Collectibles in-world group today (4 January 2013). If you missed yours, either get it from group notices or stop by our in-world store. The gift will remain available to group members in the Customer Service area until the end of January.

Have a lovely sparkly wintery-white and bright weekend!

* Decor item only, not intended as a livable house.





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