New releases + Group Gift for December

Tomorrow is the 1st Sunday in December, so it seems timely to tell you about a new release from -Hanaya- for this Christmas – the Simple Advent Wreath.

-Hanaya- Simple Advent Wreath (Texture Change)

The sculpted wreath is 9 prims and consists of a simple pine wreath with ivy and 4 candles, which you can click on/off individually. Why individually? Well in Germany, and likely in other countries, it is the custom to have an advent wreath with 4 candles, where each candle symbolizes one of the 4 Sundays before Christmas. On each of those Sundays, you light a new candle on that day.

Texture Change Options for -Hanaya- Simple Advent Wreath

Our Advent Wreath is texture change, so that you can best match the colour of the candles and the ivy to your liking. Simply click anywhere (except the top of the candles), and a  menu will pop up that allows you to change the textures.

A single version (without texture change), is the December group gift for our VIPs on the -Hanaya- Yummy Collectibles in-world group. Grab it from the group notices or stop by the Customer Service area of our store.

Another new release for today is a 1 Land Impact side table that we call the Slice of Life – 100% mesh with optional floor shadow.

-HanayaMesh- Slice of Life Table

My inspiration for this piece were these words that popped into my head while admiring gnarly old trees on a recent forest walk:

tree stories never end –
our connection with nature
and with ourselves

Deceptively simple, this little table is a must-see to appreciate the lines, shape and texturing. I was so happy with how it turned out, I included the table as a bonus with the Simple Advent Wreath. But you can buy it separately too.

As always, all our new releases are modify, copy for your convenience, and are on display and available for purchase at -Hanaya- in-world store and soon on our web store on the Second Life Marketplace.

Enjoy your first December weekend!

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