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-Hanaya- Festive Chandelier with a Kiss ♥

I don’t know how about you, but I love to have accessories in my Second Life home that ‘do stuff’. By ‘doing stuff’, I mean stuff you can click on to change, and that includes animations.

The newly released Festive Chandelier from -Hanaya- does both of those things.
Sit on the mistletoe for a sweet kiss animation, touch the wreath to change the ornaments, and the metal colour.

And of course, you can turn the lights on and off – it is a  light fixture after all.

-Hanaya- Festive Chandelier (Texture Change)

The chandelier is provided in two versions, the full prim one includes 3 sizes of ornaments and mistletoe – all yummily sculpted. The different sizes of ornaments can be changed individually, and so can the metal finish of the chandelier. All changes are done via an easy-to-use menu. And since this version has mistletoe, it includes a couple kiss.

The couple kiss contains a pair of animations, and a matching pair of static poses for ease of taking a photo. Both are fully adjustable and are accessible via the built-in animation menu – no icky poseballs required!

The low prim version of the chandelier has a texture change for the metal (silver and gold) and is graced with a sculpted pine wreath.

 Instructions on how to use your -Hanaya- Festive Chandelier

Also included in this value-packed product are extra chain links in both metals, should you need to extend the length of the chain, as well as 2 optional ceiling medallions.

The Festive Chandelier (Texture Change) is now on display and available for sale at -Hanaya- in-world store. And for those of you wishing to gift it to a friend or loved one – pop over to our web store on the Second Life Marketplace.

Look for more new products for the festive season from -Hanaya- soon.

And please mark your calendar to come visit our store front at the
2012 SL Christmas Expo, which starts on December 6th.

NEW: Long Stemmed Roses with Texture Change

-Hanaya- has released a new flower arrangement for this festive season,
a Dozen Long Stemmed Roses made with a precious metal – platinum.

Twelve long stemmed roses are a traditional and heartfelt way to say “I love you” or “Thank you” – at Christmas and all year long. Our romantic bouquet is arranged in an exquisite ceramic vase which is texture change to match any home decor.

The lovingly sculpted roses and gypsophylla are arranged to look good from all sides, and are accented with green foliage. The gently rippling water surface adds to the bouquet’s realism. Also included is an optional pedestal display table, pictured in the product image below.

-Hanaya- Dozen Long Stemmed Roses (Platinum) with Texture Change Vase

Texture Change:
Simply touch the vase to access the Texture Change menu for the 8 options –
4 solids and 4 textured looks. And since the product is modify (except the scripts), you can also recolour the textures. The menu also includes Access Control, so that you can allow others beside yourself to change the look of the arrangement.

Vase Texture options for -Hanaya- Dozen Long Stemmed Roses (Platinum)

-Hanaya- Dozen Long Stemmed Roses (Platinum) are now available for sale at our in-world store, as well as on the Second Life Marketplace for gifting or home shopping for yourself.

Unhinged, a festival for Eku’s head

As a cancer survivor, I could get all serious and drag out sad stuff. But I won’t.

Because Unhinged, a festival to raise funds for … you know, Eku’s head …  is not about being sad. It is about friendship, helping, being positive, and taking control by doing something. And feeling really great as a result.

I do hope that you, dear faithful reader, will read the wonderful words that explain what Unhinged is all about on the official web site for the event, written by Nephilaine Protagonist.

Now to the fun part.

First, there will be awesome music and fun festivities all weekend during the event’s opening. Be there!

Second, I am thrilled that -Hanaya- is taking part. To tempt you to part with your Lindens for this wonderful cause, we have created some new fun wearables. We will have 2 GATCHAs at the festival – Plants in the Pants and Stuff in the Pants.

-Hanaya- Unhinged Festival Poster – 12 TRANSFERRABLE GATCHAS

Both types of the wearables attach to the ‘root’ attachment point, so you can have them accompany you as you walk around, dance, sit or whatever you do during your day. If you like, you can also rez them, but careful! Some are a bit primmy.

The Stuff in the Pants GATCHA includes the following:

  • Jungle Book
  • TV + Music Nut
  • Birdbath
  • Sail Away
  • Gift Basket
  • Christmas Tree (this is the RARE item)

-Hanaya- Stuff in the Pants TRANSFERRABLE GATCHA

The Plants in the Pants GATCHA includes the following:

  • Lillies with Panda
  • Daisies with Bird + Nest
  • Hibiscus with Budgie
  • Strelitzia with Tiki
  • Lillies, Orchids + Swan
  • Roses with Heart (this is the RARE item)

As always, all of our GATCHA items are transfer so you can share with friends.

So please plan to visit the Unhinged festival sometime between
November 15 – December 15, 2012 at a soon to be revealed location.

Big hugs,

-Hanaya- Second Anniversary Celebration Sale

Tomorrow, November 8, 2012, marks the second anniversary of
-Hanaya- Yummy Collectibles.

To celebrate, and to show appreciation to our customers, we will be having a 50% off sale at our in-world store for 24 hours on November 8th. All items at -Hanaya- in-world store at Gwarl will be included, with the exception of new releases, gatchas and Second Life Marketplace.

The sale starts at 00:01 SLT and ends at 23:59 SLT on November 8.

2nd Anniversary Sale Poster

-HanayaMesh- Primula (2nd Anniversary Gift)

And to further celebrate, a small primula in an earthenware pot will be sent out tomorrow on all our in-world store communication channels.  Please be sure to accept the inventory offer.

On behalf of my small team, I would like to thank you for being part of our Second Life! Hugs, Moriko ❥

-Hanaya- @ Gwarl 146/10/552