-Hanaya- does sci-fi @ CINEMA

Not to be missed, the fabulous CINEMA event opened yesterday evening.

Even if you do not spend a single linden on all the cool stuff available for sale, you must see the complex, all-mesh build commissioned by organizer extraordinaire RubyStarlight Writer (Exposeur + Hottie Cooterati). The amazing custom build was created by Isla Gealach-Nayar (Cheeky Pea) and Kaz Nayar (Pilot).

Moriko Inshan of -Hanaya- makes final adjustments before opening

-Hanaya- has 5 brand new, exclusive products for the event – original mesh pathfinding robots.

A collaborative effort between Moriko Inshan and Lance Corrimal, the 5 adorable robots made their first global appearance at the Cinema 2012 event in Second Life yesterday.

Utilizing the Havok physics engine, the robots are programmed for pathfinding, which allows for real-time collision avoidance in three dimensions.

“Designing the robots and then creating the meshes was a really fun project”, says Moriko Inshan, lead conceptualizer, designer and creator. Moriko is the creative force behind -Hanaya-, a 2 year old virtual business in Second Life.

Lance Corrimal, developer of the Dolphin Viewer, is the scripter who makes the robots tick. Lance says: “Designing the behaviour of these guys was fun. I just wish pathfinding wasn’t so limited – right now all you can do are things that move on the land or on firm surfaces. Imagine what you could do with this if it could drive flying or swimming things.”

Visit -Hanaya- at Cinema in the Sci-Fi theatre section, and grab our customer gift.

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