NEW Mesh Pathfinding Ghosts from -Hanaya-

With the new pathfinding feature recently introduced by Linden Lab, we could not resist to bring you some spooky ghosts that will follow your land terrain
or ‘walkable’ prim surface, navigating around in a realistic manner.

-Hanaya- Spooky Pathfinding Ghosts

The ghosts are packaged in a one-prim rezzer, disguised as a patch of fallen leaves. When clicked to activate, the slightly glowy ghosts will be rezzed in random locations within a 5 meter radius, and then freely navigate in a 314 meter² area following your terrain or ‘walkable’ prim surface. The ghosts are temp (usually last about a minute), have psychedelic colour-cycle eyes, and a new one is rezzed out every 45 seconds.

Please note:
Pathfinding is on by default on all mainland sims. In private estates, it can be switched on/off in the Estate Tools, for which EM is needed.

So stop by our in-world store to see the -Hanaya- Spooky Pathfinding Ghosts in action during the month of October. Watch out though! Some of them may follow you into the store.

Available for purchase at the store as well as on the Second Life Marketplace effective today.

-Hanaya- Spooky Ghost

A trick-or-treat gift for members of the -Hanaya- Yummy Collectibles in-world group is a single stationary Spooky Ghost. Once rezzed out, the ghost will randomly appear and disappear in the same location, emitting gently spooky sounds. A wearable, non-rigged mesh with a full-body alpha is also included.

The gift was sent out on the group today, and will  remain available to group members to the end of October at -Hanaya- in-world store.

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