If I were Rich Hunt Gift from -Hanaya-

It has been about 6 months since -Hanaya- has participated in a hunt, but when Chic Aeon asked us to join a small group of stores for her If I were Rich Hunt, the timing was just right. I had just completed an extravagant marble fireplace for our Summer Romance line of products, and it seemed that it would make a perfect hunt gift for the avatar who has everything.

-Hanaya- My Summer Romance Fireplace

My Summer Romance Fireplace is a one-of-a-kind marble piece created in mesh, with sculpted embellishments and log fire. It comes packaged in 4 variants – one of them being a temp rezzer version that only uses 1 prim. Soft crackling sounds and glowing embers set the mood for romance and the sculpted flames are reflected in the polished surface of the marble hearth.

If you prefer, set out the version of the fireplace without the log fire, and fill the fireplace with flowers. Above all, enjoy it with a friend or loved one.

The hint to find the hunt gift at our in-world store is:

‘You can get rich by saving your pennies.’

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