Hammy the Hamster: a gift from -Hanaya-

Hi guys!

To celebrate my real life birthday, which is tomorrow, we decided to bring you guys something extra cute and sweet as a group gift for the month of August.
And better yet, the -Hanaya- Yummy Collectibles group will be free to join from today to Sunday, August 5th, 2012.

So if you are not a member yet, find us in search, or stop by our in-world store to join up and get your own Hammy Hamster.

-Hanaya- A Day with Hammy Hamster

Thanks to custom scripting work by my darling brother-in-law, Lance Corrimal, we are proud to introduce A Day with Hammy Hamster – an addition to your Second Life home or store that is fun to play with.

Our smart little hamster, Hammy, will go through his day doing hamstery things – either with you, or all on his own.

When he is alone, Hammy will exercise on his wheel (which really turns), then hop off and eat, drink and go into his house for a rest.

But if you join him, it will be twice the fun, because you get to stuff your face. Or quench your thirst – but with coffee, not water like Hammy.

I like the exercise part the best – grit your teeth and do sit ups! When you get tired, have a little nap with Hammy. But be careful, Hammy sometimes gets out of his cage!

O T H E R    N E W S

The renovations at our in-world store are coming along:

  • the store teleport system is now installed and operational at the landing point
  • an additional garden space has been added on both sides of the store, providing more greenery and cute stuff
  • products are still being shuffled around, but feel free to browse and IM if you can’t find what you need

Our storefront at the Vintage Fair 2012 is all set up and we have lots of brand new products to offer you. Next blog post will feature some of what you can expect from -Hanaya- at the fair. The fair opens on August 4th.

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