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I know that the stuff I sell in my Second Life store is often inspired by my real life, and today’s new releases are no exception.

Even though the weather in Europe has been rather gloomy and cool, my tomato plants are doing well. I check on them every morning, coffee in hand, inspecting the size of the little green blobs and drooling at the thought of toasted tomato sandwiches, salads with grilled tomatoes, and yes, fried green tomatoes with our Sunday morning bacon and eggs. Yumm!

-Hanaya- Charlie Brown’s Bagged Tomato

My better half offered up the name for our cute Bagged Tomato plant – and on hearing it, I instantly agreed. A juicy, shiny, perfectly ripe tomato hangs from a non-tomato vine, begging to be harvested.

Planted in a vertical bag planter, it will hardly take up any room and is a cute edible decor item that can be attached to a garden or house wall, or a fence. Or how about growing it inside, right in your kitchen?

Eight prims, including shadows and copy, modify permissions as always with our products.

-Hanaya- Picnic Table + Benches with Lantern *

I am a nature girl from way back, so camping and hanging around outside is my thing.

The -Hanaya- Picnic Table comes with 2 benches, and contains 6 synchronized couple cuddle animations (3 for guys and 3 for girls). The animations are fully adjustable and are menu-driven.  The camp lantern adds a bit of gentle light on summer evenings.

The Bagged Tomato and Picnic Table set are on display on the main floor of our in-world store, where they are available for purchase. Or if you prefer, buy in our web store on the Second Life Marketplace.

O T H E R    N E W S

We are thrilled to announce that we are once again participating in Vintage Fair 2012. Lots of new stuff is currently in progress in our workshop and we can’t wait to show it to you guys!

The Vintage Fair starts on August 2nd (my real life birthday), and ends of August 29th. It promises to be a wonderful event, so please stay tuned for more information.

If you have stopped by our in-world store lately, you will have been greeted with a message about … ‘we are under construction, please excuse the mess’.
The mess is not over yet, but progress is being made.

First, we are installing a store teleport system, which will take you seamlessly to the 4 product areas:

  • Main Floor:                    Flowers + Plants
  • Second Floor:                Furniture Sets
  • Third Floor:                    Decor + Buildings
  • Outside at the rear:      Art Garden

Big thank you goes to my brother-in-law, Lance Corrimal, for scripting the system.

The customer service area on the main floor is currently being re-worked as well – to make room for our redelivery terminal and gift card system (coming soon I hope), and to tidy it up. We have also added lots of new plant life to decorate the gardens – look especially for the wonderfully detailed dragon flies near the creek.

Thanks for reading and have a happy weekend!

* Please note the shadows in the Picnic Table product image above are client-side.

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