More new releases for Home & Garden Expo

You have to love the WordPress function that allows you to schedule a blog post for delayed publishing. As you read this, I am on an internet/cell phone free vacation somewhere in Italy. Yay!

But I had to share some more brand new releases from –Hanaya- that are available at the Home & Garden Expo.

-HanayaMesh- Curved Bridge

I do a lot of custom work for store and home owners, and one thing I find is that many people like curved bridges and walkways that allow for extra interest as you move through the landscape. Our curved bridge is a building component that is part of our custom-landscape design portfolio, but it works well as a stand alone piece. The bridge itself is 4 prims, with a Land Impact of 15.

The piece is fully retexturable – it comes with a simple wood finish but can be modified with any wood texture you like. Talk to me if you need texturing assistance!

-HanayaMesh- MIA Floor Lamp

This lamp bears my name .. because it is a total replica (from memory) of my first lamp in my first apartment after I finished university. It is pretty and multi-functional – the glass shelves work great as a display area for a plant or a special item, and the lamp itself turns on/off by touch.

The set includes a low poly as well as high poly model for your convenience.

 -HanayaMesh- Snake Plant in Wrought Iron Clay Planter

A final piece I want to show you today is a brand new mesh Wrought Iron Clay Planter. We stuffed one of our snake plants in it, seeing as they can tolerate fairly dry soil and obviously this planter will not hold in much water 🙂

We hope you have time to visit all the awesome stores at the Home & Garden Expo, and that you will drop by and see us as well.

We are located at Dreamseeker Home Expo14 .

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