-Hanaya- new stuff @ Home & Garden Expo

My team and I are excited to be one of the exhibitors at this year’s Home & Garden Expo – a fabulous event which benefits Relay for Life.

We have been working hard to ensure that most of the products for sale at the Expo are brand new and exciting. Let me show you a few of them …

-HanayaMesh- Cowry Shell

The Cowry Shell is probably my favourite piece for the Home & Garden Expo. It is a 100% mesh 3-D sculpted piece that I hope will look great in your house, store or garden. Although I generally sell my art pieces as no-modify – this one is mod, so that you can size it to fit appropriately into your space.

-HanayaMesh- Miku Table & Chairs Set

I have to admit that I get teased about making primmy stuff. And I do, and will likely continue to do so. But for those of you who have come to appreciate the quality of the products from our store may like this simple table and chairs set. At only 5 prims / 5 Land Impact points for the whole set, even a prim-miser should be happy! The set is 100% mesh with baked textures, and includes chairs with menu-driven poses for guys and girls.

If you like this set, and have more prims available, you might like our Miku Modular Deck Set.

-Hanaya- Miku Modular Deck Set

The Miku Modular Deck Set includes the table and chairs described above, plus 5 types of deck building  blocks as shown in the image. The basic slatted and solid blocks are only 1 prim/1 LI each including shadows. The cacti building blocks vary in prim count, depending on the type. Our mesh salad bowl, based on a real life one in my pantry, holds colourful peppers to add a touch of tex-mex ambiance to your outdoor environment.

So come visit us at the Home & Garden Expo starting on May 19th – we are on Dreamseeker Home Expo14.

1 thought on “-Hanaya- new stuff @ Home & Garden Expo

  1. Laura18 Streeter

    I think the most prims I got from you were the 77 prims of the roses… .Worth every one of them!!
    How come I can’t find them in the store? 😛
    Soooo pwetty 🙂
    And I love my new table I put the tulips on it 🙂


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