Mother’s Day Jam Jar Daisies from -Hanaya-

My real life garden is in full bloom with spring flowers, and our lawn (which we do not use herbicides or pesticides on) is covered in teeny little white daisies. Just like my mom and dad’s used to be.

Since next weekend is Mother’s Day, we thought we would use some of them up to bring a happy smile to moms in Second Life.

-Hanaya- Jam Jar Daisies – for mom on Mother’s Day

We popped 3 of the daisies in to a jam jar, propped them up with glass marbles and attached little Mother’s Day gift tags to each one.

-Hanaya- Jam Jar Daisies (White Blush)

There is one fully open bloom, and two adorable buds – just like mom and two babies.

-Hanaya- Jam Jar Daisies (Sunset Pink)

We attached a sculpted gift card to let mom know these flowers were made for her very special day.

-Hanaya- Jam Jar Daisies (Grape Blush)

Oh and there is a teeny little knotted bow peeking out from under the foliage.

-Hanaya- Jam Jar Daisies (Bright White)

The white one is my favourite, but then that was my own real mom’s favourite daisy too, so that makes perfect sense.

-Hanaya- Jam Jar Daisies (Baby Pink)

In case you decide to buy other gifts for your mom too, we packaged up our Mother’s Day gift cards for you to use. There are 5 styles in each pack – one of each, and they are mod/transfer.

-Hanaya- Mother’s Day Gift Tags

 All of the -Hanaya- Jam Jar Daisies as well as the Mother’s Day Gift Tags are available for purchase on the Second Life Marketplace, as well as at our in-world store. All colours are on display in the New Releases area – so bring your mom along and get her to choose her favourite colour 🙂  Or better yet, suprise her.

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