-Hanaya- April 2012 Group Gift

What do you get when you cross a frangipani plant with a goldfish in a fishbowl?
A fishiepani of course!

At least that is what my partner Yuukie suggested I call this whimsical creation, which is this month’s group gift for -Hanaya- Yummy Collectibles VIP group.

-Hanaya- Fishiepani April 2012 VIP Group Gift

The gift was sent out on the group yesterday, so if you missed it, please check group notices or pop by our in-world store. It is rezzed in the Customer Information area, and will remain there for the rest of the month.

When you unpack the boxed item, please make sure you rez the gift in edit, as the swimming fishie cannot be linked.

Have a great day!

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