-Hanaya- at Back to Black

The Back to Black event opened a few hours ago to the public, so this seems like a good time for a final post in our series about -Hanaya- Pine Lake Camping Trip set, our brand new product for the event.

Back to Black is an an event organized by CHIC Management with the main purpose of raising awareness of mental health issues. When we were invited, we were given the theme of ‘Family‘. What I immediately thought about was how important it is to have your loved ones around you during troubled times. And I remembered wonderful times with my family in real life – on camping trips.

So I made something for you to spend some time interacting with your second life family. All the pieces in the image are included as part of the set.

 -Hanaya- Pine Lake Family Camping Trip

The -Hanaya- Pine Lake Family Camping Trip set includes 8 interactive pieces of camping gear, many of which rez or give props to enhance the camping experience for the whole family. The set is packaged in an autorezzer for easy set up and includes a forest base (shown in the lower set of images). The pieces are also boxed up and provided separately.

Instead of telling you about everything it does in words, I invite you to look at the images below, which were taken in Second Life to illustrate some of the fun family activities that are part of this set.

A family shot – everyone doing something – playing guitar, roasting marshmallows, cooking and hanging out.

The tree has 2 animations for playing hide and go seek, and when you click on it, it emits gentle owl sounds.

Both the blanket and the log pile have 2 animations each – sit on the blanket and either sing along or have a little temper tantrum. Or sit on the log pile – chill or read a book. A book is rezzed when you sit.

Close up of the bbq table with a portable hibachi and bbq tools. Sit and cycle through the animations. The cooler is fun – 2 animations plus it gives wearable pop that has a open can animation as well as drink.

My fave part of the set – both chairs include 2 animations – sit and a guitar is rezzed out in your lap, and a full length song is played. Please let the song pre-load before you listen. Switch to the other animation and be offered a marshmallow on a crooked stick to roast in the fire. The fire itself has awesome sculpted flames – so much better looking that particle fires.

Pics above and below show the inside of the tent and the camp cots. Each cot has its own 2 animations – 4 animations in all. The right hand bunk rezzes a book for you to read, or a pillow. The left is perfect for restless sleepers. Lots of tossing and turning.

Below is another pic of the chair with guitar – the guitar is gorgeously detailed. It will start to play automatically when you sit in that animation. Afterwards, you can click on it to turn it on and off. It will disappear when you stand up, or switch to the other anim.

A final pic showing one of the animations in the cooler. The cooler is modeled after one I had in real life, and comes complete with sculpted melting ice cubes, melted ripply water, and pop cans.

For way more detail, please see the preceding blog posts.

Or better yet, come and visit the Back to Black event and grab your copy of this set, which is promo priced for the event. The event started today and runs until February 29th.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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